Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Gratitude of 38 Orphans


Having read my recent "Rage of 18 Dragons" rant, I'm rather embarrassed that it failed to represent my gratitude. I'm reading The Secret again and it says to be gracious. (By the way, my sister just told me that if I bring that dang book up again, she's going to slap me - so I wait in anticipation of my cyber slap).

I could start with the obvious... you know... that I'm grateful for Spouse and how he works his fingers to the bone every day to pay our taxes, but I think I'll go for the not-so-obvious this time around. But truly, as far as Spouses go... they don't get better than Spouse.

I'm grateful for strangers that smile. I'm grateful for challenges and conflicts that force me to learn. I'm grateful for loving friends (who more often than not have dug me out of some pretty deep ditches). I'm grateful for technology (specifically the IPOD). I'm grateful for a severely complicated brain that tends to re-think and re-think and re-think (then re-think again). I'm grateful for my health. For the awesomest Yahoos that ever Yahoo'd. But most of all... I'm grateful for you


Vera said...

I am also grateful!
-Pretty cool family, 2 great princeses
-the funniest husbands of princesses you could ever want.
-Ipods and music..ahhhh
-Secret tattoo's
-Friends who make cookies for Stu, thereby proving that I have only a few talents....and those are secrets!

The McMillans said...

I couldn't agree more with you. About gratitude. If I were to win an Oscar in the road and journey of life, here is how my acceptance speech would sound.

The pivotal moment in my success was when my sister shared the secret with me every day for 45 years. Thanks be to her and the relentlessness in which she used her mind to cast evil spells on anyone who tried to trip me on the way.

Winder said...

Way to go rabid! Look at you turning a horrid day around and looking at the positive. I am thankful for you too. I am especially grateful you brought the 2 adorable Yahoo's to see me and for the cookies I have already had 2 of. (not sure how they tasted I have no taste right now)

By the way, I have some ideas and a little massage technique to help with the IT-band trouble.