Tuesday, February 26, 2008

English Anomaly for Today


Why does the word incandescent mean bright, brilliant, magnificent? Let's break it up. In - can - descent. In means inside which is the opposite of out. Can means a container of some type. And descent is the act of going down. In my opinion, incandescent should refer to a winter sport of some kind... where you go down hill (fast) in some type of can or container. A garbage can perhaps.

My worry over this particular word is hardly necessary - Congress has outlawed the use of it. Well... they've outlawed the incandescent light bulb. So if that's outlawed, there will no longer be a need for the word incandescent. Or is there?

Let's see how you can use it in a sentence.


rabidrunner said...

I'll start.

Ever since Charlie was 8 years old, he had dreamed of this day - the day he would win the bronze in the Incandescent. (See Charlie preferred the color of bronze to gold. That and he took great pride in his incandescented mediocrity.)

Winder said...

I felt incandescent while waiting for the doctor to check my cervix.

Wait did I use it right???

The McMillans said...

My children will fail at all incandescent sports, seeing as they missed their first opportunity in life to be incandescent. TEE HEE HEE.

Get it?

Lois said...

OK, I'm not getting any of these.

I need to stop reading your "English Anomaly" posts. They're keeping me up at night (but I can see quite well in the dark with my fluorescent curly-cue light bulbs that don't last NEARLY seven years -- try seven months).

rabidrunner said...

So the Winder is due to calf (as in give birth) in three weeks. Everything's about the cervix to her. "Hey Winder - want to get a pedicure?" to which she replies with "I don't think my cervix will appreciate that".

The McMillan gal bore (beared) all of her children via C-section, hence the no incandescent.

And Lois - you've hit the jackpot! Seven months is right... shouldn't someone from the "truth in advertising act" nail the fluorescent light bulb companies? It's not my hope or wish to keep you up at night... it's my hope and wish only to find humor in our funny little language.