Friday, January 04, 2008



Today's Friday Flashback is brought to you by abbreviations. Only true fans can drop parts of a band name and make it work (as in Boingo, not Oingo Boingo).

From the looks of Oingo Boingo, it's hard to believe that front man Danny Elfman would go on to become one of the finest and most talented movie score/soundtrack creators of all time (check out his accomplishments here.) That's my opinion of course. If you don't agree, you're probably one of those boring John Williams fans. Look at me call you names! You. You. YOU JOHN WILLIAMS FAN YOU!

Anyway, as mentioned many a time, I'm a taxes-in-the-basement gal. And the tax-time is around the corner. And I work on the tax-time software. And January 11 is the tax-time deadline. And that's a lot of tax-time stress. And what beats tax-time stress better than a little Boingo. Damned IRS.

Dead Man's Party
Just Another Day
Nothing Bad Happens To Me
and don't forget Weird Science


The McMillans said...

It's like I'm right there again, you know, in the cage at the vortex underage dancing away like the night would never end. No wonder our generation needs so much medication, we are in constant flash back of music, writhing with crystal meth users.

Staci Carroll said...

Really, crystal meth users?
Love the Boingo. My first (and maybe only) real rock concert.

Lois said...

Love Oingo Boingo! Thanks for the memories, as always.

Good luck on the tax software stuff. I hear their changing the AMT, is that affecting your work?

rabidrunner said...

Yeah.. the AMT, the EIC, the NOL, the CCC the SET, the SOL, etc... they're always changing. And the great thing is they don't make the final change until the end of the year so we get to cram! Fun.

And I need to agree with Staci.. we were lucky enough to NOT be a part of the crystal meth generation. I'm super jealous. Never saw Boingo.

The McMillans said...

I never touched the stuff, and hear it's dangerous, always wondered how others at dance clubs would never get tired. Also, I have a confession. Once a really drunk girl was being obscene in the cage...I started throwing money at her. When at once I realized I could get in some serious trouble and maybe get yelled at, she thought I was being nice and started taking off more clothes. Wow, did I walk away or what?