Tuesday, January 08, 2008



I've missed my calling in life. I should have gone into Internet Analytics. There are two questions, faithful reader, that I hear you asking this very minute. They are: 1) What are Internet Analytics? and 2) Why on earth would you scrap that exciting tax job for it?

According to http://www.dictionary.com/ (one of my faves), analytics are/is "the science of logical analysis." As an aside, isn't it great that both the singular and plural form of the word analytics is the same?! Great. So, if analytics is the science of logical analysis, then Internet Analytics would be the science of logical Internet analysis. Or put more simply (simpler?) analysing what happens on the Internet OR put even MORE simply (simplest?) spying on people and their surfing patterns! And I'm not talking about hanging ten or catching a wave. Now that's exciting stuff.

I'm running an analytic from Google on my blog. It's free and you can do it too... http://www.google.com/analytics/. Those same generous Google Folks have also offered a Product Tour. See they're so gracious that installing their "free" analytic to my blog will ultimately help them. They get to spy on me while I spy on you.

Among the info gathered, I'm most entertained by the search words people use - and how they consequently end up at the rabidrunner's house of musings. The following list is weighted (meaning the phrases at the top of the list were used more frequently than those at the bottom). My favorites are in bold. Check the bottom for my "scientific analysis."

pantyhose job - juicy pants -"love and rockets” live - love and rockets - school confession - another man’s treasure” phrase meaning - “ban urinals” - “Daniel ash” live - “greg lake” family members - “thong leotard” - 60s colloquialisms - 80’s hair bands - 80s white leather pants - black juicy pants that say juicy - circus thong leotard - colloquialisms see a man about a dog - cousin’s pantyhose - coverdale “jimmy page” blogspot - donnie and marie in bed - donnie and marie record player - donnie and marie trunk - donny and marie show vhs - emerson lake - emerson lake and palmer ep - finding your inner hunter - geezer butler black hooded - high school confessions blog - high school stories+episode - horse hooves in pudding - how to live with a passive aggressive controlling and demanding motherinlaw - I look for someone someone who can see more than meets the eye - Leotard thong pantyhose - Love & rockets albums blogspot - Love and rockets albums blogspot - Love and rockets blogspot - Mark knopfler and winter Olympics and prank calls - New colloquialisms - One man’s trash is another man’s treasure - Operation smile legit - Origin of “sharpest tool in the shed” - Origin colloquialism - Origin of expression “need to see a man about a dog” - Photoshop the bryan niven look - School punish - Scipio pronounced - Spanking confess mother children anticipation - Sprinters have high arches - Support rabid cause bracelet - Take a hot shower - The office+ support the rabid episode - The office support the rabid t shirt - Thong leotard - Thong leotard stories - Transformers yellow bumble bee shirt, more than meets the eye - Tribute to ozzy osbourne blogspot believer - What episode is the office support the rabid - Winder wedding panty hose

Rabidrunner Scientific Analysis:
  • The word Pantyhose in one form or another is searched for more than anything else.
  • The Thong Leotard has a similar fascination... but I guess the two do go together rather nicely.
  • Love and Rockets fans have resorted to searching the web for info (as opposed to other representative forms of media. Hey! They should get together with Ron Paul and commiserate.)
  • Someone should write a book on Colloquialisms.
  • Whether or not Operation Smile is a valid charity was checked at my blog. What that person really needs is http://www.snopes.com/.
  • The Winder should form a new Goliath Wedding Franchise selling Winder Wedding Pantyhose. For those Winter Wedding Days that also happen to be Windy.



I am too full of laughter for words, i shall respond later.

Winder said...

Ummm.... I think all of the tax work has finally pushed you over the edge. You really need to get out more!

Staci Carroll said...

Where do you come up with this stuff? Seriously, internet analytics? And you know how to run one through your web site! How did you know that? Am I the only one who is so un-savvy that I wouldn't even know that I am ignorant?

Bob Loblog said...

Where did you find the most searched words? I installed this beast into my blog and i can't find any of those goodies.


Bob Loblog said...

Nevermind. Found it

rabidrunner said...

Xana diva - Where the heck have been? Vacationing? I hope so.

Winder - You are right. What are you going to do about it? Huhm?

Staci - like most things that come out of my mouth and/or fingers (as in typing), they originate from you know where. Most things I pull from my arse. But this one? There's a HUGE industry based on Internet Analytics now-a-days. Big business. It's Marketing Research for Geeks (or Techies... whatever).

There's a little company call Omniture that's made a gazillion doing the Analytic thing. You might of heard of them.

Bob - so impressed you asked moi, yours truly, for techie info. Even though you found it on your own, I'm honored you started with me.

Staci Carroll said...

Ooooh Omniture. I thought they just sold all kinds of furniture.

Staci Carroll said...

I hope you know that I am joking.

rabidrunner said...

Yes. I knew you were joking before you knew you were joking. And I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!

Winder said...

Well... I thought we could go out Saturday night and hit some of the old dance spots!! Then just boogie the night away like we are still in our 20's. How does that sound?

Yeah right, like I can stay awake past 10p.m. these days! But, we could maybe find some time to go get a pedicure? I can't reach my toes anymore to take care of it myself.


Rabid, thanks for your concern, it's a long story. Um, I think Vera should give us the "Can"alytics.