Monday, December 03, 2007

Tramp Cave

What does Spouse do when it dumps (a whole lot - and for those of you in the notso know, "dump" is a verb that means "snow") and it's Saturday and he wants to try a -20F sleeping bag? He builds "Tramp Cave." The construction took only 5 hours and 1800 milligrams of ibuprofin.

After the fortress was complete, he stomped in the kitchen (wet from sweat and wet from snow) announcing triumphantly "This is my version of Combat Cleaning."

For those of you in the notso know (again? You should really come around more often), Combat Cleaning is what Spouse calls it when it's late and I should have been in bed long ago, but there's just this one thing that needs to be picked up, and OH! what about that? I cannot go to bed without THAT being cleaned and OH! I forgot to do this. The frantic scramble goes on and on. All of the ittty bitty messes about the house have joined forces, draped in armor, and are ready to take over. I MUST FIGHT BACK!

When am I going to learn that the messes always win? Oh well.

Nice fort huh? Spouse and Yahoo #1 spent the night there. It was 18 degrees (F) when they entered and 22 degrees (F) when they came out at 8:00am the next day - only to retrieve a game and go back.


Lois, Our Lady of Blogs said...

I LOVE this snow fort! Too awesome. I've always wanted to do this, but there's never enough snow. Great idea in using the trampoline. Love it!

Winder said...

It should also be noted that my dear hubby was green with envy that he wasn't able to #1 have his own "tramp cave", #2 sleep in "tramp cave", & #3 to see "tramp cave" in the daylight. (Which, rabid, was his plan for Sunday before I ruined it with my own bit of green)

Becca said...

That really is quite impressive. Although I probably would only visit it, I don't think I ever will have any desire to sleep outside in 18-22 degree weather, I like my nice warm bed too much!