Friday, December 28, 2007

Robert Plant

Today's Friday Flashback is brought to you by the Flash Forward of Robert Plant - isn't he a hot one (even with all of his 59 years! By a strange coincidence, he and the Winder share the same birthday.) I call this a flash forward because I am currently involved in his latest achievement. (By involved, I mean listening to and loving.)

Robert Plant, an English born rock star, was the front man/lead singer for Led Zeppelin. He is known for his magical and enigmatic lyrics and wide vocal range (that means he can sing high and he can sing sober). After the disbandment of Led Zeppelin, Plant enjoyed (at least I assume he enjoyed) a successful solo career.

Robert Plant's latest "project" is a collaborative duet with the one and only Alison Krauss. The album is called Raising Sand and it's a dandy! Raising Sand is highly recommended on the Rabidrunner Richter Scale (meaning it brings forth all sorts of movement on the emotional output seismometer). The album is a surprisingly mellow mashup of Plant and Krauss' musical styles - a nice soul soothing bunch of songs. Anyway, check it out: Polly Come Home and Fortune Teller and Stick With Me Baby


Lois, Our Lady of Blogs said...

Love Alison Krauss, not so much a fan of Robert Plant. Haven't heard these tunes yet, though.

Lisa said...

If I had a million dollars . . . I could've gone to the reunion concert!

Winder said...

I am a little slow on the reply. I am excited to hear of some new stuff. Dear Hubby and I love Robert Plant. (not just because of the birthday). I even requested to hear him on the ipod when coming out of surgery. I wonder if the Zeppelin king could help me through childbirth?? Rabid, playlist queen, I am putting you in charge of this!

rabidrunner said...

Excellent! I think a pre, during and post birth playlist are in order. I'll get right on it.