Thursday, December 06, 2007

Presidential Circus

Spouse and I have been excited about 2007-2008. Why? Because the year (and $25 million per candidate) might produce the finest political spectacle ever. So far I haven't been disappointed.

Let's start off with our current president, Mr. George Dubyuh. Quite frankly, I don't listen to a word he says and therefore I don't know if I agree or disagree with him. His speech delivery is pugnacious. I'm unable to sit through (let alone listen to) any of his speeches/press releases. And so I decided a bit ago that I would vote solely for the best speaker. As an aside, why does a speaker deliver a speech instead of a speach? I will never understand our language.

Anyway, if my precious morning TV will be interrupted on a regular basis to hear the new Mr or Ms President speak, they better be able to deliver the precious words their precious speech writer wrote for them - and in a somewhat entertaining fashion.

So far Mitt Romney is winning. It's not because I believe in his political agenda or his integrity (we all know how disappointing his abortion flip-flop was). It's because that dude is an awesome speaker! Admit it, you know he is.

Let's use today's speech on religion (that was given in some Texas Bush-named college library). His delivery was eloquent, downright tear-jerking. He spoke of freedom and faith and religious tolerance.

Had I not already been a Mormon, I would have run right out and grabbed the nearest missionaries. Or at least called the 800 number. Seriously. That good.


Mandee said...

I love Mitt. I loved his speech. And I think he is hot. He is by far the best looking candidate out there! Cause that is really what the election should be about anyway, right?

But seriously, the speech was awesome.

Winder said...

You mean you don't want another president who bumbles and pulls funny faces during his/her speech? By the way I might feel the need to relocate to another country if the Ms. in the race is the victor. I can't stand listening to her speak.

rabidrunner said...

Switzerland?! Let's move to Switzerland if she wins.

I run with a gentleman who says that if he doesn't loose 10 pounds by a certain date he has to give $500 to Hillary's campaign. He says that should keep him plenty motivated.

Vera said...

I think I shall run for president!! Can you get a mental picture of the white(out)house? When I deliver my speech I'll sit on the throne, literally and say stuff like..."The War..Forget about it". When one of the candidates says-"Hey didn't you do drugs when you were young?" I say "Yeah, so? When they ask me my forein policy, I'll say "It's all forein to me." People can relate to that kind of talk!
Go Hillary!!!

Winder said...

Switzerland sounds great. Think of the skiing that my dear hubby could enjoy. I also have 6 years of German under my belt. I could speak well enough to find us a toilet! We'd be set.

rabidrunner said...

They speak Swiss German in Switzerland... your 6 years of German (which is totally new to me by the way) might not be enough.

You might have to eat some Swiss chocolate, buy a Swiss watch (maybe a SWATCH Watch?) and put Swiss cheese on your sandwiches from now on. After a year of that, maybe you'll know some Swiss German. And oh yeah, don't forget about opening a Swiss bank account.

And Vera - I've got a whole jar of quarters that I'd donate to your "can"pain.

Lois, Our Lady of Blogs said...

OK, now I'm going to be bugged by that whole "speech" "speak" thing. Thanks a lot.

The McMillans said...

Everyone always threatenes to move...but never does. Is that a promise? Not that I want you to move, nor do I endore the HIL.

rabidrunner said...

Nah... I doubt there's any software being developed in Switzerland. Is there?

Lisa said...

Clint already has plans to move the family biz to Australia to escape our great booming economy (we're going down!) Presidential campaigns might drive us there sooner than later.

I came across this "blog" today and I thought of YOU!