Monday, December 31, 2007

Dreams for Today

I dreamt about football last night. And for the life of me I cannot figure out why. I don't like football (it's boring, it's over-rated, it's takes too long, there's not enough running, the ball isn't round, the pants aren't tight enough - the list goes on). For that reason, I'm baffled.

They say dreams come to you because of a lingering motive in the subconscious. Or because of some unfinished business or conflict that needs resolving. Either way, I dreamt about football and football players and fans with painted faces. In my real life, that stuff is way boring. It's downright irksome when you're sleeping soundly and that real-life alarm clock signals the end of a quarter in your football game dream.

I know why I dreamt about football. It's because it is the end of a year. It's because we're programmed culturally to strive for new and better in the year to come.

Several years ago, before my booming career as a parent, I'd sit down each year and write goals. I liked to call these goals objectives (because it made me feel important) and I'd type them on post-it sized bright yellow paper. I'd paste the papers in strategic places - the bathroom mirror, my computer monitor, on top of the box of staples, the bottom of my sock drawer - you know places I see often - all in the hopes that the repetitive nature of their viewing would lead to a greater me.

In 1999, one of my objectives was to like football - which required that I first learn about it. I borrowed Football for Dummies from my co-worker (you all think I'm joking about that title, but proof of it's existence can be found here), I traveled to local high school games with the Winder (who's dad was a coach at the time) and I inquired often about plays and strategies. Heck - I even WATCHED IT ON TV! Now that's dedication to objectifying your existence! It didn't work though. I still don't like football, but as they say, "I gave it the ol' college try." Except I don't remember actually watching a college football game.

Where am I going with this? Isn't that the eternal question one asks when reading my blog? I am going somewhere, but my pinball approach to story telling leads many to wonder. Anyway, the point of this is - it's objection time, I mean objective time and maybe the football dream is telling me it's time to write some.


Winder said...

If you would like to give football a second chance I would be glad to take you to a college game! :) My dear hubby doesn't really like it either and won't go with me.

Seriously, though, maybe the dream is also about battles you are going through. Maybe there is a personal "battle in the trenches"(this is the term used for what the lineman do). I think you are on the right track coming up with objectives might help resolve many struggles.

rabidrunner said...

You are right. Struggles. I think I'm going to name all my struggles after plays o' football. I'll need a list of plays, however. Do you think the winder-pedia could help me with that?

The McMillans said...

HEY!!! I know exactly why you are dreaming about football. Don't you remember sitting in the rain for like 4 hours wondering when the heck our dad was gonna take us home? I do, very well, and I remember thinking it was sooooo boring. Maybe you are dreaming about football because you feel trapped, because I sure felt trapped when we were there.

Lois said...

All that I know about football I learned from that little hand-held football game in the late 70s, early 80s. I remember my sister having to learn about football when she was a cheerleader so that she'd know the correct time to yell "Go Defense!"