Monday, November 26, 2007

I've finally figured it out

I don't like this time of year. I don't hate this time of year per se, but I definitely don't like it.

On the day after Thanksgiving, I pondered and mulled over why this time of year doesn't electrify feelings of love and happiness. I hear the excitement around me... outdoor lights illuminate the neighborhood... Christmas Carols infiltrate... many a happy chap express the joy and warmth they experience from "the holidays."

So I thought and thought and thunk "What is wrong with me?!" (Oooooh where do we begin? Specifically I mean why don't I like the holidays).

Something must be done. I have two Yahoos that need holiday joy. And if I don't do something about it they will undoubtedly blame my lack of holiday cheer for their not getting into Harvard.

I discovered this morning that it's time to act and the KT (as in KT Tunstall) Christmas album is out. What better way to get in the spirit of Christmas than to listen to a Scottish girl play gee-tar and sing Melekelekimaka! If that doesn't de-scrooge-inize me, nothing will! I loaded up Yahoo #2 and we drove to the Target.

While inside the blissful red bulls-eye destination, the reasoning for my holiday dismissal became pregnancy-test-blue clear.

The holidays make people rude.


Brooklet said...

Totally- while I was at target last week, a lady standing fifteen feet away from me, while I was looking at baby clothes, said, "Oh, come on lady. Make up your mind." in an impatient tone. Rude! So much for holiday cheer.

Ps- is the KT Cd good??

Winder said...

I know what will help, come and hang out with 20+ over stimulated students and try to keep them on task. I usually resort to hanging out in my "happy place". Then go shopping with the wackos. I have found that I tend to remain in that "happy place" and it helps

The McMillans said...

I think it's because our father showed up and rang the door bell with our Christmas presents at 2 am. on Christmas Eve. And our mother then wrote from "Santa" on the gifts. I mean seriously, how can any kid be bribed into being nice and doing their chores after that? What would Santa Say?

rabidrunner said...

The KT is so-so... the production quality lacks depth and the arrangements are not very creative. There's only 6ish songs. The best is "Fairytale in New York" (originally by the Pogues and not a traditional Christmas tune). With that said, I'd buy it again. The only trouble is that it's a Target Exclusive and cannot be purchased anywhere else (not even

If you are in need of a new Christmas album, I would highly recommend Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong. That's a good one. In fact it's downright fabulous.

Winder, where is this "Happy Place" you speak of? Are you alone in this place? Do others get to join you? Does it require a prescription of some type? Is it with your in-laws? Please share. Unless of course it's a secret.

And McMillan (aka sister) - you've helped me discover that the 2:00am Santa event has kept me out of Harvard. I'm sure it wasn't
because huffing Scotch Guard kills brain cells (that one and only huff removed my get-into-Harvard brain cells).

Staci Carroll said...

Last week at Borders I was bumped 4times by the same lady. And it was in different places throughout the store. I began to think that she was trying to pick-pocket me. (Nope, she just REALLY wanted to see what I was looking at.)

I almost bought KT's album . . . but I'm having second thoughts now.

Winder said...

Oh, the "happy place" can be anywhere. It is possible for others to join, although, I like to meet up with some of my favorite characters; like recently I have hung out with Edward Cullens. Sometimes it is helpful to have a prescription of something like Xanax to help you get there. This happy place is especially helpful on a loud bus ride when on a class field trip. I hope this will be helpful for all when Christmas shopping.

Vera said...

Wait one sec!!! For those of us who have not reproduced for 22 years...WHAT DOES BLUE MEAN?

Becca said...

What the hell are you talking about-- you're an idiot to think that the holidays have any ill effect on my attitude. Why don't you just keep your good-for nothing opinion to yourself!

rabidrunner said...

Hah! That was funny! And Vera my dear, "Clear Blue" is a pregnancy test. Pregnancy is always blue for me 'cause I just have boys. So in your case it might be clear pink. But then clear has no color... so it would reveal the color of what is underneath. So that means clear reveals your true colors and therefore clear is the true color.

"I see your true colors... shinin' thru. I see your true colors... 'cause that's why I love you." So don't be afraid to let it show. Even if you're rude.

rabidrunner said...

No. I'm not pregnant. I was just trying to illustrate the realization and the gravity therein. It's the kind of realization that slaps you in the face and brings about a sense of "your life will never be the same".

Vera called a minute ago asking if I was trying to "announce" something. No. Not announcing anything. At least now (hehehehehe).

The McMillans said...

WHen then, will you be announcing something. I have been having dreams. Are you waiting till after the rude season?

Winder said...

Wait a minute, be still my heart. If any announcing is going to be happening my dear hubby will be so excited. He is traumatized that rabid and spouse aren't having another Yahoo to go with our Yahoo. So please don't play with our emotions :) or emoticons

The McMillans said...

Amen Winder, I have been hesitant to instill any pressure about my needs as an aunt. Oh what bliss that would be.

rabidrunner said...

Oh dear. Am I ever so sorry that my little attempt to convey emoticons (good one by the way) has gone too far. I regret to inform you that I'm not expecting nor plan to be expecting.

Seriously, can you get botox when you're pregnant? Okay, then. I'm officially addicted to the pesky little virus and will therefore need to refrain from conceiving in order to accomodate my new fixation.

Also, if I were ever to make such an announcement, it would be very direct. As in oh shit I'm pregnant.

Should I worry about my in-laws reading this? (They believe I'm the angel of goodness that has swept their sweet little boy off his feet and saved him from eternal damnation. Little do they know - I'm the exact opposite. I've guaranteed eternal damnation for their sweet little boy.)

Vera said...

STOP THE INSANITY! Have all of you gone crazy? I love the Yahoos as much as anyone, Lord knows I have the 2 greatest Yahoos/Princesses you know why? Because they are adults now and "I do what I want"!
The only good part about being pregnant is the PEEING part!
NOW, you youngster just starting out can have the Rabid for a few more years....then she is mine..."To do what I want!

rabidrunner said...

Vera - why is it that you look like Corella d'Ville to me as you say that? You know, Glenn Closhish screaming "Get me the Rabid" instead of the usual "Get me those puppies!"

S'all right with me. You can have me and my skin to make yourself a coat out of. Heaven knows you've got every other kind of coat. Winder's into coats too, maybe the two of you could work something out. You know, you could split it left/right, top/bottom etc. I'll start using the lotion to prepare. (Wow this is really morbid!)

And Winder - I was re-reading the commentary and noticed again the "Be Still My Heart" comment. You know it's a good comment when you bust a gut TWICE over it. Be Still My Heart.... did you grasp your chest as you typed that?

The McMillans said...

A coat? Rabid to myself, be still my heart? I am very tired now.