Monday, November 05, 2007

I've been BLAGGED!

I have been BLAGGED by that McMillan Girl via the blog world. Get it?

Blog + Tagged = BLAGGED
(or maybe it should be Togged?)

I have been asked to display 7 random rabidrunner facts via my blog. And then I suppose I'm required to blag others after I'm finished. In the midst of this blagging, I didn't see any instructions, so the number and manner in which I do so is not important. I'm rather disappointed however, that I wasn't promised a dollar for everyone I blag or the phone to ring magically or 8 days of good luck.

Due to the randomness of my genetic makeup, it will be difficult to isolate these random facts and report only 7. So here goes.

Random Fact Number One:
I enjoy making up songs and singing them off tune to people via their answering machines. I sing at the top of my voice. I hang up. I have a good laugh. And the yahoos look at me as if I've swallowed a monster truck tire whole. Most of the time, the songs are made up because I'm trying to sing a tune and I know only 25% of the words. My latest fabrication however, was genius. It's entitled "Come to Dinner" and is sung to the tune of "Come Together" by the Beatles or Aerosmith (you can choose which one you prefer):

Here come ol' rabid, she's been cookin' up something, she's got fett-u-cine and some turkey meatballs, shes got hair.... down.... in... the food. Want you to come over 'cause we're so in the mood. Come to dinner! Right now.... over here.

Running Brother Bruce got that one. And the reason he was so lucky? It came to me at 7:48am one morning and they were the only ones I could guarantee wouldn't be home. It can be very awkward if you phone someone charged and ready to perform, only to have a live person answer. Then you have to stumble over your words and ask to borrow some sugar or WD40.

Random Fact Number Two:
I like looking at rivers on maps. It's fascinating to see where rivers start and end. Spouse jokes often about my being a "Riverologist." Is there such a thing?

Random Fact Number Three:
At the prime age of 16, I was employed as one of those annoying phone solicitation salespersons (during the dawn of the politically correct era). I sold credit card protection services and the American Airlines Advantage Visa Card, where you earn one mile towards your American Airlines Advantage Frequent Flyer program for every dollar you charge on the card. Imagine that! One mile for every dollar you spend!

One day, we were hired by the Bush campaign (Bush Sr) to remind people to "go out and vote for George Bush." That was an exciting day.

Random Fact Number Four:
My brother, 9 years my senior, was left to "care" for me one night. He and his friends told me to "run down the hall" and after I did run down the hall, he shot me in the arse with his bb gun. Left a giant quarter-sized welt on my tiny 5-year-old bottom. Several parental conversations took place before I understood why I couldn't show-n-tell the welt the following day.

Random Fact Number Five:
I want eight children. Not of my own. I just want eight children.

Random Fact Number Six:
I used to go to aerobics classes wearing tights and a thong leotard. (This is turning into a confession of sorts.)

Random Fact Number Seven:
I can type really fast. See how fast I typed that? Scary Fast.

Now it's my turn to do the blagging. How about The Winder, Vera, The Petulant Ninny, Brooklet, Biker Babe, Phishtako, and you! (No invitation necessary, please share.)


The McMillans said...

wow, I am glad our parents starting issuing boundaries so early with us. that could have had a lifetime of teasing...I don't think you would ever live that down. You really want eight kids? That is really random, can you please call me and explain?

rabidrunner said...

Your two plus my two plus the brother's three equals seven. Plus the Winder's one equals eight. And they're all boys so that's a bonus. Was that explained clearly enough or are you in need of a phone call? Let me remind you that if this were about phones, I'd call you and tell you my seven random facts.

Kisses and hugs to you my forever tease-ee.

Vera said...

I found..the most random thing you said on here was asking to borrow WD40....THAT is random. Sometimes I think random stuff just flies out of your still 5 year old sized arse!

Winder said...

So if I take too long to respond to being blagged will I have some crazy curse put upon me and my blog? Oh wait maybe it has already happened. I have tried to comment 3 times and the connection keeps going down. Uhhhhhhhh!!!!

The AZ McMillans said...

Hey you. I stalk your blog. I'm a blalker, or a stog...whichever you prefer. Anyway, I had to comment on this one because I've got tears in my eyes from laughing. You are funny, or it's been one serious long day. Either way, the "confession" about the thong favorite!

Oh, and I have a boy you can borrow; just in case you suddenly want 9 kids. We're related...sorta, by marriage. I could be your sister-in-law-in-law. Or, to make it easier, sister-in-law squared (I couldn't figure out how to get the little two where it should be to be squared).

The McMillans said...

You forgot the part about cutting off pantyhose and wearing them under the leotard. That way the long stayed strategically on the outside of the crack. That was so polite of you. I remember those days very well, my favorite was you doing the moves in front of the mirror for hours while waiting for your toast to pop out of the your leotard. THAT is where it all started. Now she runs folks, and like the wind she does.

rabidrunner said...

I completely forgot about the pantyhose underneath. No wonder I hate pantyhose now. And in my defense, I'd like to let all know that the only semi-full-length mirror in the house was kind of in the kitchen. One had to be in the kitchen to vew oneself full-length. Back then, I ate a lot of toast and I did a lot "moves" in front of a mirror. Statistically, it would make sense then that the two would collide often.

rabidrunner said...

And Ms. AZ McMillan, I prefer "stog" to "blalker." It's easier to say AND type. And this boy you speak of, is he cantankerous? I only accept cantakerous boys.

rabidrunner said...

Oh and Vera, the randomness doesn't fly out of my bottom... it flies out of my fingertips.

Becca said...

I daresay that your blog is my favorite. I truly appreciate the absolute randomness of it, and not just this post. I do also hope that you have held on to the thong leotard as I am very jealous of it. I never had enough guts to try out that particular fashion trend although I always wanted to. Maybe I could borrow yours sometime to fulfill that secret past desire of mine. (Oh wait, did I just ask to borrow your thong--I think that means there is something wrong with me)

The McMillans said...

Also, once I was invited, and indeed I accepted to go watch these ladies bounce around in the early 90's. When at once entering the room to bounce around myself, it became quite clear that these women took jumping and raising knees very seriously. Rabid's attire was tame, very tame. They all seemed to look at her out of the corner's of their eyes and notice that she could jump and bounce for hours and not get tired. There was animal prints of all sorts, and lots of screaming...lets just say, I fit in nicely.

Brooklet said...

You had me at the tights and thong- toooo funny!