Tuesday, November 13, 2007

High School Confession - Episode 4

Today I'm going to reveal a confession from my blissful years in high school. I have several to confess. Today will not be the end.

I've named this confession "Episode 4" in honor of the George Lucian method of story telling - you know where you release a story (we'll call this first story Meteor Battle) then a sequel (Federation Seizes Again), then another sequel (Comeback of the Space Guerrilla) and realize you are making a whole you-know-what-load of cash. Maybe you can fabricate a 1-2-3 beginning to your three little stories. To complicate matters, the new stories occur before the three you've told already. We've used up all of our creativity naming the first three stories, so lets release the new ones with something lame like Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3. (I'm going to release Episode 4, 5 & 6, wait many a bit then release Episodes 1, 2 & 3.

Have I meandered from my original plan? I believe I have. Let's start the confession: I turned the same paper into the same teacher TWO TIMES - and got away with it.

It was History. The teacher was Miss Kelly (Keller?) The paper was titled The Apartheid. The fact that I got away with it means two things: My writing is horribly forgettable OR she didn't read the paper.

What spawned this memory? I ran into this teacher a few weeks ago. Spouse, Yahoos and I were dining at our favorite Noisy Tex Mex Joint when a strange (strange unfamiliar, not strange weird) child started a conversation with Yahoo #1. It turns out the child was reserving a table (against the Noisy Tex Mex Joint rules) while the mom was in line. So when the mom sits down, it all came back to me in a blustering tidal wave whoosh. YOU were a teacher in my high school! YOU were a volleyball coach! YOU like girls (at least that's the rumor)! YOU were my history teacher twice(10th & 12th grade)! YOU GAVE ME CREDIT FOR THE SAME PAPER TWICE!

My first thought was to thank her for it but then I realized the Statute of Limitations might be a problem and she'd pull my diploma. I said nothing.

Later at home, I found the paper. It's a snoozer. And as usual, half of it was pulled out of you-know-where. Who am I kidding?! Ninety Percent of it!


rabidrunner said...

I just realized I could cut down the wordage of this post by 7 words if I would have used real swear words.

Aaron said...

I think it would be a net loss of 5 words. It just doesn't pay to use real swear words these days.

Becca said...

Don't worry, you're not alone. In tenth grade US History, with Mr. Brimley, I printed off a paper that my brother had saved on the computer and then turned it in for an A. Thinking I was so smart, the next time we had a paper due, I did the same thing, but I got careless and told a friend the story who attempted to piggyback off my brilliance. Being swayed by her flattery, I offered the paper to a friend to "get a few ideas" from. Our teacher apparently read these papers and totally called us on it. Thankfully he did not feel the need to call our parents and instead gave us the option of doing extra credit. Of course we jumped on it and ended up getting in a huge fight about it. And that is my high school confession!

Winder said...

At least she didn't run into you at the grocery store. For more info on why to avoid Rabid at the grocery store refer to thewinder.blogspot.com.

rabidrunner said...

Holy cow... 5 words is right. I just like you engineering types. You're able to scrutinize, dissect and analyze anything (even a silly blog).

And Becca, your story (excellent by the way) brought up an interesting thot. Is it possible to plagiarize yourself? And this fight you spoke of, was it with your brother or your friend. Friend fights are always a, uh, uh, a gas.

Becca said...

The fight was with the friend--she got mad at me for not doing enough work--go figure. I don't think that my brother even knows this story, maybe I should tell him so that we could have a fight too.

In answer to your plagiarism question; no it's not possible to plagiarize yourself. You can however cheat off yourself.

Also, would you like to do lunch next week? Either Mon, or Wed--lets talk about it on the run tomorow.

Vera said...

What you should have done is refer to April 8th's post.
Now your episode 4 would prolly sound like this...

Once in high school, I wrote a paper...twice!
Now THAT is a net loss of words!