Friday, October 26, 2007

Today's Friday Flashback (Episode 1)

Today's Friday Flashback is brought to you by leg warmers. They're not just functionally warm, they're fashionably haute. (I'm trying a new tradition. Let's see if it happens next Friday.)

Bronski Beat is an English/Scottish synth pop band that entertained from 1983 on. The members include Jimmy Somerville, Steve Bronski, and Larry Steinbachek. They're somewhat popular - mostly amongst the community who gets it's kicks from those of the same sexual orientation (there's a theme this week eh?) This band could be classified as the Indigo Girls of the 80s. Only they're boys. And they're not folk. And there's no guitars. The music of Bronski Beat consists of synthesizers, tenoresque falsetto, and pre-techno beats. Very fun.

Watch/listen to Smalltown Boy.


The McMillans said...

wanna see them in concert?

rabidrunner said...

Sure. When and where?

The McMillans said...

"Technically it is English Beat"

November 15 at the Depot. I really wanna go...anybody else? Tickets are only 15 bucks now, day of show 17.

Vera said...

I shouldn't have given you "The Knfe", I've created a monster!

rabidrunner said...

The "Knife" is not what created my 80's wild child monster. The 80's created my 80's wild child monster.

It's my current phase. I think I'll move to something more "rockish" for next Friday.

Aren't you excited? I am.