Monday, October 08, 2007

PR is for...

...Practically Reasonable, Personally Rowdy, Portapotty Revulsion, Prancing Roosters and Private Ride. But more importantly, PR is for PERSONAL RECORD as in you’ve (I’ve) personally recorded something better than previously recorded personally.

I arrived home from the Marathon Mayhem to a personalized Welcome Wagon from Vera: Giant mylar numbers (a 3 and a 1 and a 5) and the lyrics to a new song (to be sung to the tune of Jerry Was A Racecar Driver by PRimus” (and yes the PR in PRimus was on purpose).

Rabid* is a marathon runner
And she runs so gosh darned fast
She never did win no checkered flag
But she never did come in last
Rabid is a marathon runner
Hell bent on 26.2
With her number on her chest and her new sneakers on
She’d light them up just for fun

Rabid is a marathon runner
Standing ready at the starting line
She took off like a shot
And I ain’t no liar
She ran like her ass was on fire
Rabid is at her strongest
Strong as any chick alive
She finally grabbed that 3:15
At the ripe old age of 35

Rabid is a rabid runner
35 years old
She trained and trained ‘til she was fine
And ran herself across the finish

Thanks darlin’ for making my life so colorful and audibly pleasing.

*Rabid has been used in place of my real name to protect uh... the innocent.


Lisa said...

Waaaa Hoooo! I still remember how ecstatic you were last year after your 3:17. Congratulations on a NEW PR!! Wish I could have been there too (trailing behind more than a few minutes of course.)

The McMillans said...

What a fantastic coming home treat. I am so proud. I cannot believe how fast that is. I have done the math several times... and I a so proud.

Winder said...

Rabid you have made my husband's day! I clicked on the link to the Primus song and within seconds he was dancing and getting into a mode I have never seen. "Dude I have moshed to this song live 4 times!" I did learn he does not own this CD and longs for it. Now I have a gift idea--unless you want the idea.

Winder said...

By the way I am also extremely proud of you!

Becca said...

Yea you! I am so thrilled for you--looks like omitting mile repeats is actually a great idea. (I wish that I would have know that a few years ago). I can't wait to be there with you next year!