Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Spouse has gone hunting. The kids are asleep, I'm in bed trying to read my book about a literary genius going through rehab (he's hilarious by the way... can make rehab laugh out loud funny). And while I try to concentrate on each giant look into his personal 12 step recovery, I hear the creepy sounds of the house working... something that happens only when I'm home alone (at least when I'm home without Spouse.) Just as I pause to listen to the latest noise (and thus decipher whether it's the water heater or a 3 foot 8 inch green guy with red eyes who wants to steal all of my cds and take them to his planet), the phone rings and I jump.

"What are you doing?" It's Vera. She's got that grinning I just bought a new pair of shoes tone of voice.

I tell her I'm reading my book.

"That book is making you dumb" or something like that. I defend it triumphantly with words of how clever and funny it is and then, "Oooooh hooo hooo ho ho! You will need to check your mailbox in the morning." Which means she's about to share music with me. When this happens (and it does often) the anticipation drives me crazy and induces a sleepless night.

I ask her what it is. "It's Mika. It's so gay. You'll love it."

I sleep then retrieve it from the mailbox.

I listen to it while working on Indiana tax forms. It is so gay and do I ever love it!

Spouse is home from his killin' spree. He hates it.


Vera said...

My princess says, "Listen to this, you might like it. It's light and fun and the singer sounds like Freddy Mercury (greatest rock male vocalist ever). Yeah right! So I listen....I think "man, he does sound like him"....and this is not just gay, it's the gayest ever..and I mean in both senses of the word. I listen to the whole thing thinking, "Who do I know that will truely appreciate the gayest music ever"?
The rest is history!

The McMillans said...

I was pining miserably raising two fussy midgets when to my wondrous eyes should appear? An itunes gift from Rabid. That's right folks, I received MIKA from the Rabid yesterday, and well, it's gay. And even gayer still is the cheesy 1980's synthesizer that uses a chordal crescendo in the B section to further it's progression. I love it, and love it more. It reminds me of happy days, and I don't mean the tv show. My favorite track is #2 and I quote: "catch yourself a big lighty." "Big girls you are beautiful!"

My spouse will hate it.

Winder said...

I am just checking on the divorced sister with kids who the rich Winder buys dinner for! Did the long lost Spouse return with a prize?

rabidrunner said...

While Spouse was hunting, the Winder and her Hubby took the Yahoos and me to dinner Monday night. As I was watching the Hubby o' Winder wrestle with my Yahoos, I felt suddenly like the divorced sister-in-law (to which I know not). The Winder and Hubby were taking pitty on me.

Spouse is back with a prize. A small one. I've seen only the horns. He hiked in 2 miles to get this one and had to haul it out 2 miles - while carrying the tent, sleeping bag, weapon, and pop tarts. Thankfully he drops them of at the "meat locker" before coming home.

Yeah, and don't open my garbage cans. I don't know what's in there, but he told me not to. And for once I believe I'll obey.

The McMillans said...

Oh, my! I want to look in your garbage now!

The petulant ninny said...

Oh ya, that's right.

You will obey.

And you will like it.

Becca said...

Thank you so much for the entertainment, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Becca said...

I thought of this tonight as I was watching TV; a commercial for the new Ipod touch come on and and the cover art for Mika flashed across the screen. I guess that you are not the only one who appreciates the gayness!

Vera said...

See.....Whoever said "Gayness" doesn't rule should burst into "Flaming" flames!

rabidrunner said...

I knew I was hip and edgy. I just knew it.

kareh_family said...

Okay, I take exception to this whole entry! I happen to be a big Mika enthusiast, and I am not gay in the slightest. =) How can you help but jump up and down, wave your arms to the beat, and sing along really loud like that one scene from that Kevin Kline movie "In and Out"?! I do it every time I'm alone in the car. =) lol! Okay, maybe I've got a little gay in me... =)

rabidrunner said...

I believe whole-heartedly that there's some gay in all of us. Some might disagree, but that's what I believe.