Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Attention has been called to the mix of characters who folic on our little show. By show, I mean my blog. Many of you know each other, many of you don’t. Many have asked “now how do you know this person…?” or “who the heck is…?” etc. So why don’t we have some introductions?

I’ll start.

I am rabidrunner. I am married (7 years) to Spouse and we have two young boys that I like to call “yahoos.” I test software part time in my windowless basement office. Currently, I test tax filing software. It’s fascinating. I enjoy waking at 5:00am every day to run (hence the runner in rabidrunner). Rabid came from Spouse (evidently he thinks I have a foaming at the mouth problem). I get extremely worked up over music (all types ‘cept new country) and shoes (all types ‘cept cheap ones). I have one brother, one sister and lots of funny friends. Characteristically, I enjoy playing the devil’s advocate in conversations. My love language is humor. If I make fun of you, rest assured that you are loved.

It’s your turn now.


Winder said...

I am The Winder, and I am proud, that's why I yell, so very loud! Right On! That is my version of what I might say if I were a 40 year old cheerleader(rabid's favorite people).

Seriously though I am Winder. There are various reasons why I chose this name, none of which I am ready to disclose at this time. I am married and have been for 6 years. I have a wart developing in my belly. The reason it is called a wart and not a Yahoo is because rabid and I wanted to discuss the pregnancy and didn't want the Yahoos to know yet so we decided to call it a wart. I teach elementary school, and I tend to upset all of the slightly crazy mothers of children in my class. I used to enjoy running very short distances, but I no longer torture my body in such manner. I have found new ways to take care of that! I come from a family of 7 children 5 girls and 2 boys. I fit in the exact middle. My hubby comes from a family of 8 children. These large families give rabid plenty of stories to be thankful she came from a small one. I like most music as well(not rap or most hip-hop). I could go on and on, but I figure I should save something to write in my own blog.

The McMillans said...

I am the sister of the Rabid. I grew up in Utah, was a very average person and student, and ended up going to school in New Jersey. I studied music, linguistics, art, and graduated in Voice performance and minored in Pedagogy. I am currently challenging my pedagogy degree teaching privately. I am the youngest of three with one brother and one sister. I have been married 4 years, and have two children. When time and sleep permit I do a little singing, and actually get paid to do it. I am considered the fun person by most of my friends, and simple things make me happy. A cup of coffee a good joke, or a beautiful sunset. Although many think I am a music snob, I enjoy all music, as long as my left brain can analyze it and it is compositionally sound, I will listen to it, and many times when my kids aren't in the car I will listen to Cypress hill. I pretend to be a gangster and dance like Biance. I secretly want to be a rock star, but don't use drugs. Oh, and my image doesn't quite work, so it really is a fantasy.

The McMillans said...

Wow, then I must be really loved by you!

rabidrunner said...

ped·a·go·gy Pronunciation[ped-uh-goh-jee, -goj-ee] 1. the function or work of a teacher; teaching.

2. the art or science of teaching; education; instructional methods.

Just in case you were as curious as I. I'm her danged sister and I didn't know what the hell Pedidoggy was or that she holds a minor (or small) in it. Shitzu small? Or more chihuaha small...

More evidence that you are loved, sis!

Mandee said...

I am Mandee (of Aaron & Mandee). I met Rabid 8 years ago while I was (very casually) dating Aaron, who was good friends with both Rabid and Spouse. And I think Rabid and Spouse were just deciding that life together was better than life apart. And we were at a card table at Dave's house. Which is also where I met The Winder. In fact, it was a Sunday. (It's all coming back to me now!)

I wear my emotions on my sleeve, and my life on my blog. (I really should be more concerned about both of those things.)

I have 5 brothers. 1 sister. 5 kids. No pets. The best in-laws. And a husband that I believe was custom made just to put up with my crap. I am so lucky!

Vera said...

I hate it when we are serious!
I am Vera, and I like 2’s….
-2 siblings-one brother and one sister, neither of which can sing anywhere close to what the sister of rabid can!
-2 parents-both still kicking
-2 grown “princesses” who as of 2 weeks ago are both hitched.
-2 great son-in-laws
-2 funny grand-dogs
-2 closets with shoes in them
-2 motorcycles
-2 hard drives full of music
-2 cats (deceased—that is another story)
-1 dog-Ziggy- who at the ripe age of 14 is as needy as 2 dogs.
-Stu is husband number 2 and we have been married for what must be about 40 or 50 years now (21 anyway). I made a better selection the 2nd time.

I’m old and crotchety, and do whatever I want. I like a good “beverage” now and then…usually now…and as you all know…I really like 2 urinate. My purpose in life is 2 have as must fun as I want, 2 suck the life out of Stu, 2 fill at least 2 more closet with shoes, 2 find the perfect play list of all time, 2 be around long enough 2 see the yahoos drive Rabid and Spouse completely insane, (man will Stu and I laugh with delight).

There you have it!

rabidrunner said...

Who says I'm being serious? Did you not read that I referred to my taxes-in-the-basement job as "fascinating"?

You also forgot to mention the most important thing you have two of....


rabidrunner said...

I'm rather disappointed that the four people that I know the most about are the only ones that have responded.

Hullo? When I said it's your turn, I meant YOU.

Becca said...

I am Becca (going crazy and having fun) I met Rabid through running, though I am neither as rabid or as fast as she is. Rabid was a diamond in the rough that I found when I decided to join a running group (the rough refers to much of the rest of the group, not the state of Rabid when I first found her). I miss seeing her, but think I may be ready to start saying hello to her in the morning and then watch her from far behind as we run!

I live in Orem with my husband and four kids. I have been married for exactly nine years and 5 days. While I love my four kids (aka yahoos and warts) I do not think that my sanity could survive another one, so I think my family has reached its maximum capacity. My baby has kept me from doing the things that I want for the past year, but now that she is weaned and sort of sleeping through the night I plan on having my own life again, at which point I will tell you about it. I have a problem telling people "no" which makes me even busier and crazier than I want to be. My basement has windows. I tend to use more punctuation than needed. My favorite color is red, just because it makes me happy. (One Christmas I kept buying things at the Gap just because I liked their red bags .) My basement has windows. And finally I like to laugh, and thankfully my life provides many opportunities for that!

Biker Babe said...

Wow! You all sound very interesting. I am glad to get to know everyone a little better...considering it seems I'm the only one not related to, living near, or friend of rabid.

My name, officially, is Biker Babalicious. I know, you are telling yourself that no mother would name her child that preposterous name...and you would be right. I changed it myself. I thought it'd be better than Princess Bananahammock - besides, that name was already taken and apparently picking a name is like picking a personalized license plate...if someone already has it you can't. So I got Biker Babalicious by default. Anyway, moving on...

When I am not making up names and telling stories that I think are funny but other people probably don't, checking my blog entries and comments to make sure I am not using too much punctuation, and roaming the country hunting obscure historical markers, I am raising my little family in peaceful bliss. (How's that for a sentence?) Okay, maybe it's not always peaceful and not always blissful...but it's what I love doing and am so fulfilled. I have had a variety of jobs throughout my life and have found that being home with the littles is what I like the best. So I'm doing it.

What else can I say about me? I have a college degree in a subject that I was passionate about, but could only make about $10 an hour doing. I love Lemonheads candy. I enjoy writing. I love watching cooking shows. I give a dang good massage.

Did I miss anything?

Deby said...

I am Deby. Wife to Bob for almost five years now. Mother of a 13 year old, 20 month old and 8 month old. (Obviously a bit crazy) Sister in law of Mandee (of Aaron and Mandee). I've never had the pleasure of meeting Rabid Runner.

I live in Bend. Native of San Diego. Used to have a career in telecommunications before giving it all up two years ago to become a Domestic Goddess in Oregon.

I have one brother, one step brother and one step sister. I have some amazingly wonderful sisters in law on both sides whom I love and adore. I love to bake, hate to cook. Can get lost in a good book for days foresaking food, sleep and drink the whole time. Love to take pictures, scrapbook (although I don't have time) and putter in my yard. I have two cats and two dogs and would some day love a bird.

I love to write, can come across as cold in new situations when I am actually afraid of putting my foot in my mouth so I say nothing, love dancing in the aisles of the grocery store to both entertain and embarrass my kids and want to travel the world.

rabidrunner said...

Welcome Deby... it's a pleasure to meet you! Are you married to one of Aaron's or one of Mandee's? Or are you Aaron's sister? I worked many years with Aaron at the Novell Palace.

Bend is a lovely place. I've spent 1.5 days there.

Laura said...

I'm Laura McClellan, a sister in law of Mandee and Aaron's, and Deby's. Aren't they wonderful people? Currently, I am married to a deaf husband and two hearing outgoing sons ( 6 1/2 and 5 years old-15 months apart)

Before I met my husband, I used to run with my bare-footed dad on 5K and 10K. My 65 years old dad still runs without having shoes on. Isn't he insane ? Now, I have to find a way to dump my husband so I can go out for a short run or swim at least for an hour.

Besides not working as a full-time teaching for the deaf and hard of hearing, I try to squeeze my spare times: playing with my two sons, doing the scrap booking (nearly finish the second one after starting attending the scrapbook for two years., and )cooking if I didn't burn the food. Other times, I enjoyed watching my so called Iron Chef Husband cooking for us.)

Laura said...

P.S. I ditto to make fun of people. I did that to my mother in law when I sneaked it out when I filmed her "Limbo Dancing." I didn't tell her until I put it up in my blog.

I still make fun of people (of course in a nice way) There's no way of stopping me even though I am in 40's

Mandee said...
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Mandee said...

Family Tree Explanation-

Deby is Aaron's step sister. His biological dad (Richard) married Deby's mom (Cathy), and they (Richard & Cathy) are who The Strong Man, The Fat Man, and The Genius (Spouse) stayed with when they went to San Diego 8 years ago.

Laura, is married to Deby's brother David.

Spouse met Laura and David at the Del Mar fair, right before watching Bubba Blackwell jump 14 busses in front of 31,000 screaming fans, breaking the previous attendance record of 17,000 set by pop singer Brandy.

Deby and Laura are awesome sisters-in-law!

rabidrunner said...

Laura - it's a pleasure to meet you as well and welcome. I agree with you on the Aaron and Mandee "Wonderful People" statement.

Mandee - I'm so very glad you provided the expanded family tree. I was so confused for a while, but decided to use the "Secret" and decide that some way, somehow, the answer would come to me.

See! It worked.

Stu Pidasso said...

i am Stu Pidasso. my introduction will be short and to the point. I am legally bound to Vera. goin'on 22 years. Older than all 'yall. horribly disfigured at pearl harbor. crappy driver. enjoy yardwork and midget clown porn. can't dance, sing, or juggle. good at delegating work (lazy). i like a good blues band and hate underware. 2 great kids.


Enough with the secret allready. Is it really a secret if everyone knows about it?

Biker Babe said...

I'm not sure I know what the secret is. Fill me in?

kareh_family said...

Wow, it has been way too long I am way too far behind on reading these.

If anyone is still curious, I am the Arab Lover of the bunch. I have a gorgeous Vin Diesel-esque Arab hubbie (who has the needs of a life-sized 2-year old). We're going on 4 years, and I currently have no life outside of taking care of him and working full time and finishing my college degree full time as well. I don't know how you can have 3 full-times in 1 life, but somehow I manage. Mostly with the help of Vera to whom I constantly vent and draw from her bubbling fountain of wisdom.
We have 2 Russian Tortoises named Terrence and Tatyana who we often take out for walks (I know, but you'd be surprised at how fast they are!). My husband doesn't like animal hair, so I was forced to find cute pets absent of the offensive material. It's a little hard to snuggle with a tortoise, though.
Much like Vera and Rabid, I am an avid music fan and besides my husband, my ipod comes second in my life. Muse is my current life's blood, but who knows next month. =) My hubbie has been trying to get me listen to Arab pop lately so I can practice my alalalalalalalaaaeeey! I'll let you know how that goes.
That's it for me. =)

rabidrunner said...

I wanna hear your "alalalalalalalaaaeeey!" in person.