Friday, September 14, 2007


There’s been a tragedy (I'm not talking about the Bee Gee's tune) and I am besides myself.

Somehow, yahoo #2’s Sprite has collided with the one and only worldly thing in the universe that ALWAYS gives me true happiness. It’s the device in my car in which CDs are loaded - but more importantly it’s the device in my car that I plug Sanchez into (Sanchez is my ipod - who carries CDs around anymore?) AHHHHRRRrggg! It must be replaced. Yesterday.

In a much more positive note – Vera and I treated ourselves to the 3rd row of MUSE. Sadly, I have no photos with the famous this time (unless you want to count the photo I was able to land of the drum tech for My Chemical Romance chowing on a tin foil dinner). Please check again later for a full report.


Winder said...

-- That does it. I am never giving any of my future Yahoo's Spicy Drinks. Don't you just love it when people who have never had kids say something like that. You know they end of eating their words later. It has to be easier at times to just give them what they want then to hear them whine.

rabidrunner said...

I've just discovered a way to "cure" the yahoos of spicy drinks (by spicy we mean those with CO2). Make them spicy for reals. With tobasco or other odd assortments of hot sauces found in the door of my refridgerator.

Do they need to be refridgerated?

The McMillans said...

Crap'0rama is right. I think tobasco is a great idea, maybe I could ween Yahoo number one off of every beverage he likes this way. I can't afford to keep him hydrated.

Winder said...

In answer to your question regarding the refrigeration of hot sauces I think the answer is not necessarily. The hubby and I have discovered that catsup or ketchup, however you say or spell it, does not need to be. The label states something like for best results refrigerate. We have another brand that doesn't say this. We stopped consuming our fridge these items a year ago and have been fine. We even developed a wart.

Other items found in the fridge that do not say refrigerate after opening:
-yellow mustard
-all of my assortment of hot sauce

Feel free to add to the list.

Just a side note in England nobody puts their eggs in the fridge. Granted they only buy 6 at a time not the super Costco packs.

Vera said...

LORDY, LORDY, What is we gonna do? It is inconceivable to go without music! That would be like.....not urinating! Good thing you still have that ringing in your ears from the Muse concert to keep you company and suppress the voices in your head yelling “Gimme it” and “Stop it” and “That’s mine”……wait, that’s you yelling!

On a high note, I can hook you up with a “HOT” picture of said MCR drum tech getting waxed, for a small fee!

rabidrunner said...

There are three items worthy of purchase on credit (or one of those Check City arrangements):

1) You're in Greenland, your child has fallen and severed an arm.

2) Spouse loses his job and must fly to New Zealand for a job interview.

3) Stereo for car.

Biker Babe said...

My condolences on this tragedy! It sounds like Mr. Visa worked it out for you. I agree, there are a few things that are worthy of breaking out the cc. A new car stereo is definitely one of them.