Friday, September 07, 2007

Hi-YAW! Kinsei!

Spouse and I were out dating last night. We enjoyed two (three including the lettuce wraps) highly palatable dishes from the China Beast Row located in the mall. After dinner we still had a couple of hours to burn before the babysitter expired (and hence turn back into a pumpkin), so we began to discuss what to do next. Spouse was interested in the smelly stuff at bed, bath & body (kidding! He wanted to look at sporting goods), but I was interested more in extending the evening’s culture. We’ve had Chinese food (authentic I’m sure) - let’s take a gander at Japanese running shoes!

Enter the Asics Gel Kinsei.

This whopper has a price tag of $164.99. Right now, I’m going through a pair of shoes about every two months. This shoe is ridiculously out of the question. Who can afford $1200 a year on shoes? (I took the liberty of rounding up for effect.) At this point I’m curious and I confront the 22ish Newlywed Sales Guy.

Me: “What’s so great about the Kinsei?”

22ish Newlywed Salesguy: “This Kinsei is similar to the Nimbus but it has more structure. It’s more for your marathoners and your sprinters.”

Huh? I swear I heard that sound of the needle from a record player being yanked across vinyl. (Many refer to this as “rap,” but I’m thinking it’s more aligned in the Hollywood Sound Effects category.)

I’m imagining that you, my faithful reader, are sporting the usual what-on-earth-is-she-talking-about-this-time look. Let me explain. Marathoners and Sprinters are completely different species. Marathoners run long and Sprinters run short. Some might think that the difference between the two is similar to that of a Horse and a Zebra. But I disagree – Marathoners and Sprinters have as much in common as tigers and big horned sheep. Therefore, Marathoners and Sprinters will rarely train/run/race in the same shoe.

I didn’t buy the Kinsei or any other shoe from 22ish Newlywed Sales Guy. But I did buy the Asics Gel Nimbus from 26.2 Running Co in the fruitful city of American Fork. They know the difference between Sprinters and Marathoners.


heidiho said...

You tell that little brat to keep his filthy opinions and "expertise" to his damn self!

heidiho said...

I'm no runner but I noticed right away that the sales guy made a boo boo. What I didn't know until recently is that I have high arches and the clowns who have been selling me my shoes for years sold me flat-foot sneakers. Ouch....for years, ouch.

Winder said...

WOW!!!! One shoe for both you marathon type and for my favorite type of people the sprinter? I DON'T THINK SO! Just for his information I think of myself as the sprinter type and would not be caught dead in a shoe for the marathon type.
No offense Rabid.

Becca said...

I think you should have bought two pairs. One for for marathoning and one for sprinting. Then when you felt really dangerous you could have switched them and become the first documented tiger/bighorn sheep crossbreed!
On an unrelated note I would love to do dinner/ice cream anytime. Actually what I would really love to get together for a run, but I think I have a bit more work before I'm even close to where you are. My scheule is good for Saturday or anytime next week. I'll call you soon and we'll figure it out!

The petulant ninny said...

Did she say just say Big Horn Sheep?

rabidrunner said...

Yes. That was for you darling.