Sunday, September 23, 2007


As mentioned earlier, Vera and I were able to enjoy yet another fabulous MUSE show. The day was September 12, 2007. The weather was sunny. It was a day like most days, except Spouse was in the middle of some Elk Bow Hunt (I wonder if Elk Bows would look good in my hair) and I had new eye shadow (a rainbow mix of black, charcoal, silver and white). The plan was to leave at 6:00, have dinner and show up fashionably late to our reserved 3rd row seats.

I started the makeup application around 4:00 then added more around 5:30 - which subsequently made me look like a 45-year-old drag queen instead of the 35-year-old wonder that I am. I squeezed into my tightest stretchy jeans and wore my tallest sandals (all of 2 inches). I chose to wear this black and bright blue tie-dyed number that coincidentally was purchased at a maternity shop after I calfed the last yahoo and dropped 65 pounds (pregnant people don’t wear tents anymore!)

Enough of the preparation. I couldn’t find a babysitter, so Spouse had to come home early from his hunt or skip the day entirely…that whole week was a blur to me so I don’t exactly remember (a Hunter’s Wife Coping Mechanism I’m sure). Vera’s office mate, Arab Lover (where have you been lately?), was deathly ill so her ticket went to the son of Running Brother Bruce. In all of his 21 years, he has come through for us a many times. He’s always ready for anything (duh! MUSE? Who’d pass that up?) and he’s not concerned about having two wanna-be-hip-and-edgy old ladies for dates.

We arrived during the first opening band (we were lucky to have two opening bands for this one). They were called Immigrant and Vera said they need groceries (meaning they’re skinny). One was dressed like a pilgrim. All had thick, dark eye-liner which made me think that I should have spent more time and added that to my eye shadow.

The second band – are you ready for this? – was Juliette Lewis and the Licks. Yes. THAT Juliette Lewis (Christmas Vacation, Cape Fear, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Natural Born Killers, etc). Seriously, you should check her out. Her little series of songs was entertaining. She sang and jumped around and cussed in white vinyl pants and a wife beater. The band was unlike her… 20 years younger and talented. Vera commented repeatedly with “The band's good. They just need a singer.” Either way it was very entertaining.

And then there was MUSE. I would categorize MUSE as intense, highly talented, classically trained, sometimes hard, always dramatic rock-n-roll. Music to me is emotion. And MUSE has it all… love, hate, bitterness, gratitude, angst, sadness, excitement, regret. The only emotions I would say they are unable to convey are melancholy and indifference. It all takes me to a very, very happy place. Seeing MUSE live is definite euphoria - especially when I’m wearing my drag queen eye shadow.


Biker Babe said...

I'm glad you were able to find your happy place. It sounds like it was quite a night for you! The Muse actually came to where I live not long after you saw them and I thought of you.

Juliette Lewis? Interesting.

The McMillans said...

What exactly are the LICKS licking? Hopefully not Juliette, we all remember her greasy hair from pretty much every movie she's been in. I'M RUDE!