Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Than Meets The Eye

The house has been invaded by Transformers. For those of you not in the know (probably all of you but the Winder who knows all the names of each and who the good and bad guys are), Transformers are alien robots who could shape-change or transform into various vehicles. The idea was first introduced through Marvel Comics, then a TV series and some movies.

Because of my “in between generations” status, I had missed the Transformer Mania the first time around. The TV series was first introduced in 1984. By this time, I was so over cartoons and into “Days of our Lives” that I rolled my giant eyeballs whenever the characters/toys were mentioned and went back to Echo & the Bunnymen on my super slick yellow cassette walkman. I have completely forgotten about Transformers until recently.

The Yahoos are currently bundled up in a Transformer Frenzy. And no thanks to the Winder. She has visited often only to forget about me and give the Yahoos a “quiz” on who the bad guys are, what their names are, and what they transform into. Bless her heart.

Yahoo #1 has the “Bumblebee.” He’s a Transformer or Autobot that transforms into a yellow Camaro with racing stripes. He expects everyone to call him “Bumblebee.”

Yahoo #2 has the “Jazz” Transformer. It’s a silver Pontiac something or other wannabe sports car. Yahoo #2 prefers that he be called “Jazz.”

And me? Who do I get to be? Mikaela. So I keep asking, what kind of car is Mikaela? Is she a 911 Carerra 4S? Or a Cayman S? Is she a Corvette? What type of car is she? To which the Yahoos keep telling me that she isn’t a car. Then I say no fair, how come I don’t get to be a car. So the way I get to play Transformers with the Yahoos – excuse me – Bumblebee and Jazz happens like this: “Mikaela - Can you change my transformer back to car mode? Mikaela - can I have more chocolate milk? Mikaela – can we have friends? Look Mikaela, I figured out how to get my head out! Mikaela, Jazz just kicked me! Mikaela, will you fix the playstation?” etc, etc.

Last weekend, due to inclement better-not-go-boating weather, the Yahoos, Spouse and I ventured to see the movie (Transformers).

This is Mikaela.

I’m flattered. Almost as much as that time Vera said I look like Johnny Depp.


Vera said...

I'm pretty sure I said you look DEEP, not Depp!

Winder said...

Well at least they picked someone who is a Hottie for you to be. They could have told you that you were Megatron the evil leader of the Decepticons! That would portray that you were a horrible mother. Now you are just a someone who fulfills all of their commands! Oh wait, I think that you already had to do that, but you have been given Hottie status.

The McMillans said...

Rabidrunner, AKA Mikaela...hmmm, what would bishop Higgins have to say about that? Lets make sure we ask him at the next casserole bake-off.

Becca said...

I miss you--I'm so glad that Lisa clued me in to your blog so that I can at least pretend I still see you. We really should get together--maybe my yahoo's and your yahoo's can play Transformers. In response to your post--yes it was my birthday, and yes I did have a gift card--I think I will adopt the same plan as you when it comes to Chili's.

Mandee said...

I'm going to take my boys to see that movie in hopes that they will start calling me Mikaela... you have an awesome life!

Biker Babe said...

You could call me Evil-Cockroachwoman-From-The-Underworld as long as I had those flat abs that Mikaela sports.

rabidrunner said...


a) I'm pretty shallow, so Johnny DEPP would obviously be mistaken for Johnny DEEP (or maybe you meant someone from one of those alternative movies you fashion).

b) First grade started yesterday for Yahoo #1 and in his eyes, I'm inching my way towards becoming Megatron.

c) Becca - my yahoos would most definately love to play transformers with your yahoos. We might need to name yours Yahoo A, B, C, and D so that we don't confuse them when we yell "YAHOO! Quit that!"

d) Bishop Higgins doens't need to know about this. I'm sure there's a rule somewhere that prevents me from impersonating a hottie (although badly).

e) The biker babe has brought up an interesting point... you can be hell on wheels and get away with it if you're good looking - scratch that BEYOND good looking. This Mikaela girl could persuade many to switch teams (I'm not saying me, I'm saying many).


I am pretty sure that Mikaela is not their type...remember the Indigo girl's concert? I didn't see many that seemed to be persuaded by hotties wearing halters. It was really more about big cargo pants and over sized t shirts. Lets give her a make-under and see what happens?

Biker Babe said...

rabid - i was going to say the same thing about switching teams...er, not me, just people in general.

diva - you're hilarious. that's probably what people think when they look at me "wow, look at that biker babe, she must've had one hell of a make-under..."

Becca said...

How does next week look for you--A and B will be in school, but I don't really care about hanging out with them, I'd rather see you--I just had a great idea, how 'bout we do dinner one night?