Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Midweek Trip

For a few months, the Spouse and I have been looking forward to a trip to the southern Utah destination of Zion’s National Park. It’s a delightful place and I’ve been many times. This time was supposed to be special. We were invited to hike the Narrows with some folks who knew how to hike the Narrows. The Narrows is a slotish (not to be confused with sluttish) canyon with very steep narrow canyon walls. If you are within the walls of this phenomenal place and it begins to rain… well you can kiss your toosh goodbye.

So that was the plan. We drive down 8/1, hike the 16 mile canyon on 8/2, drive home on 8/3. There were several people going so the Dad decided we better get a suite (with a lofty price of $350/night plus taxes and fees. In Utah?)

As usual, the day of departure was met with the winds of rabidrunner anxiety. Several people canceled - do we want to spend that much money? Is it supposed to rain? Will we make it out alive? Why can’t I bring more than 5 pairs of shoes?

The drive to our destination consisted of a full motor trend-esque review of my dad’s new Subaru Outback and a momentous stop in Scipio (pronounced Skip-ee-oh). We spent a couple of quarters getting our current weight and fortune (both in English and Spanish). I will not allow a human weight revealing scale in our house (mean huh!?) so this was a particular highlight for Spouse.

To make a long story short, a rain storm rolled into southern Utah with a vengeance. The road going into the park was washed out and houses along the river had four feet of mud run through them. Hiking the Narrows was definitely out of the question.

We checked into the hotel and the fellow taking our cash proudly informed us that the room was 1100 square feet. That’s almost as big as my first house! There were five of us total. Another couple - we’ll call them Babe and Dude – met us down there. Since we couldn’t hike the Narrows, the Babe and Dude ran 12 miles with me and later the five of us hiked Angel’s Landing (there’s some decent exposure on this one. If you like heights, I suggest you give it a try). During the hike, the Dude proceeded to justify our decision not to hike the Narrows with each passing cloud. It appears the Dude suffers from decision apprehension disorder.

As shown in photo, the trail goes along the ridge to the very top. It's 1000+ feet down on both sides. Going up and down this mountain requires one to act gingerly or with ginger. The Babe decided at the top of this nunatak that she would turn over a new leaf and become punctual. (Evidently, she had a family reuinion to get to and is known for being late.)

We made it out alive, had a time worthy of the cash spent, and gained 3 pounds each (according to the fortune telling scale in Scipio). By the way… after several weighings and about a buck, I have discovered that my full bladder weighs 17 ounces.


Winder said...

Your full bladder weighs 17 oz. but what about your full colon? I have a human weight revealing scale you could borrow for the experiment. I won't even charge you to use it.


whatever, that's a measly 1 ounce over two full glasses of any favorite sipping delight that is at least 88.9 % h2o. I challenge you to drinking 2 full liters of water, wait an entire hour and we'll see who's bladder stays full longer. 17 ounces...I'll raise you 6.5 ounces and I'll still be smiling.

Vera said...

It is I-Vera-LAOU-(leading authority blah blah urination) I have a couple of facts for you to dwell on while assuming the "Thinker"postion( don't you just love art)?
-The average bladder holds 350 to 500 ml- mine holds for 500 seconds (8.3 minutes).
-A new case study shows there is no proof that pemanent hair dye causes bladder cancer

I was going to further discuss the colon topic, but since I am only on chapter 2 of "Everybody Poops" I'll stick to something I know about.

Good Night Remington!!!!

The McMillans said...

Yes, eveyrone does poop, however, waiting tables for a low class over glorified Mcdonalds tought me that if I had to assume the thinker possition, someone else's need for fry sauce, ranch, another beer, a diet coke with lime, run fajitas to table 32, more ranch, a side of tapitio in the salsa of a nasty looking, rude female, and yet again more ranch, could continue for an hour and I would be okay. I have no statistical data to prove my statement...you will just have to believe that this waitress has a bladder of steel.

heidiho said...

I went to Karlovy Vary last Saturday with my friend and our kids (would rather have been in Zion's), and judging by the conditions at the local swimming pool, the Czechs can't hold anything inside their bladders. NASTY!