Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Adventures of Stu and Vera

Stu and Vera are touring the western part of the country. If the two of you would care to share your adventures, please feel free to do so here.


Vera said...

Here we are...Stu and vera and man are our arses sore!
Day 1 We began our adventure going through the beautiful and lush state of Nevada. In fact we blasted through Nevada so fast that a nice young man in a uniform felt compelled to stop us and chat about our ability to drive faster than anyone else that day! He was so inpressed with Vera's arm flying....he asked us to just continue on without a care in the world (whew)!We ended day 1 in Elko at a joint called BilToki's, a place where they just bring out the food until they decide you have had enough, and then they bring out more until federal law mandates that you've had enough.
Day 2 We proceeded in a westerly direction to S. Tahoe where we promptly deposited Stu's debit card somewhere...never to be seen again. I'm not sure who charged 36 new pairs of shoes....
Day 3 A boring trip across California to Fort Bragg. We walked a about 1 mile DOWN hill to a restaraunt by the shore, only to realize we (the over 40 drunk crowd) would need to walk a mile back up. Thank God we have a hunk-o-burnin-love like Jay to hitch us a ride back up the hill.
Day 4 Today we rode through the redwoods--very spectacular! A place we highly recommend taking the yahoo's to, maybe not on a motorcycle, but worth the drive.
Day 5 We drove in the fog up the Oregon coastline and camped in Humburg MTN National Park.We made a fire...that's all!
Day 6 Again with the Oregon coast. Whilst looking for a place to eat dinner,we stopped a lovely woman with 4 teeth and asked her where the best place to eat was. She highly recommended the Dairy Queen! So we headed over to the "Mall"(5 shops) and asked another woman who said the same damn thing! We were standing in front of a mexican resturant and asked her how it was...she said the food was like mexican food...not like Taco Bell!!!Geez...so we ate there and it was pretty good. Now I wonder how good that Dairy Queen could have been if this place sucked! A guy in there offered to let us pitch our tents on the golf course...so we did!
Day 7 and 8 We are currently in Washington (or War-shington) in a hotel that advertised a hot tub in the room. It is actually on the deck of the room, it has bugs in it and there is ZERO privacy, so we will just show all of Warshington what Stu and Vera are really made of.

This is not really funny....but I can say that I have added a new item in my--"Where to pee" book.....the golf course is nicely groomed and cleansed daily.

see you soon!!! Say Hi to Ziggy and tell Yahoo#1 I have something for him!!!

Drew333 said...

Wow this is great, last I was told from Vera was that she was going on a trip and she wouldn't tell me where. I was given implicit or explicit instructions from a "monk-e-mail" to stay away from her shit. I also learned that I was a bastard. I wish here the best of luck in putting her computer back together.

Winder said...

I also think that the Redwoods would be a fun place to take the Yahoo's. The hubby and I had a fabulous time. We just might be willing to go again if our company was requested.

I hope you are having fun Vera and Stu!

Vera said...

We are back from Hell, actually a better term is the land of fire. The rest of the trip was spent driving through the forrest fires which were burning right next to the asphalt on the road.

There were a million laughs with the family we met in Demi Moore land (Idaho) but not much else.

Thanks for keeping tabs while we were gone!

The McMillans said...

Vera, did you offer your urination as a possible fire deterrent? Just a thought, but I am sure you thought of that, with all of your abilities and all. Too bad you chose Mexican food over a dipped cone and a diet coke.

Vera said...

As you all know, the runner and I have a mutual fetish of the foot. More acurately the "coverage" of the foot.
A final "foot note"to the trip would be the fabulous foot coverage I purchase in Demi Moore Land.....Truely one of the high lights to my coverage collection!

rabidrunner said...

I believe you could condense a couple of words and just call it a "footish."