Monday, July 09, 2007



Today I have added another adjective to the list of many that describe me. It’s “vulgar.” Is it because I have a trashy mouth? Is it because I find rank and gutter-esque humor in most things? Is it because of the dress I wore to church yesterday? No. No and no. It’s because I’m a runner.

Shall we have a side of history with our adjective salad? Okay.

On May 6, 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy was elected president of the French Republic. He was leader of the right wing party called the UMP and defeated the socialist giant Segolene Royal. (Three cheers for our Right Wings! The Nemo of birds?) Let me begin by stating clearly that I only follow French politics when they involve running or the Tour de France (Viva le Tour! Dull mornings no more! By the way, you can watch the tour live EVERY MORNING on the channel called VS which is 151 if you have dish network. If you have direct TV or one of those other two-bit operations, I cannot help you). Anyway, some Frenchie newsperson by the name of Alain Finkielkraut described as “a leading French intellectual” (what makes one a leading French intellectual? I wanna be a leading intellectual! Is there a test somewhere that I can study for and take?) Anyway this Finkielkraut person has declared Mr. Sarkozy vulgar because he runs every morning. I’ve heard running described in many ways… stinky, crazy, insane, boorish, nutty… but vulgar? Wow.

I guess the lefters believe his jogging is some type of right wing conspiracy. From the Washington Post, President Sarkozy responds with, "I am not deterred . . . by the accusation that jogging is right-wing. Of course it is right-wing, in the sense that the facts of life are generally right-wing. The very act of forcing yourself to go for a run, every morning, is a highly conservative business. There is the mental effort needed to overcome your laziness.”*

Is running vulgar? I’ll let you decide. Let me remind you, however, that there isn’t a movie called “Debbie Does the Dallas Marathon.”



Winder said...

There is no Debbie Does the Dallas Marathon. Is there a
"______" Lynn Adams does the St. George?

I know that name fits for a reason.

James said...

What Debbie did in Dallas, I think would qualify as some sort of marathon. Why can't I find a marathon like that?

Vera said...

Vulgar...Let me tell you just how vulgar the rabidrunner really is! As a runner, she runs, she spits, she sweats, (there are a few farmers involved in there somewhere), all before 7am! She is in fact, stinky, crazy, insane and nutty but not boorish. I’m not really sure if she’s a “righty” but I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen any wings!

So tell me runner, where can any intellect come from? A runner such as rabid MUST surround herself with only the HIGHest quality, HIGHly intellectual friends….let’s list them shall we?

*Stu-Everyone already knows he possesses the HIGHly coveted skill of more money then brains!
*Vera-the HIGHest of HIGH….enough said!
*the mcmillian- can belt out a HIGH note in a bathroom like no bodies business
*TD&H with green eyes not only has great legs, but a set of guns HIGHly coveted by many a male in the hood.
*I don’t know who Debbie from Dallas is; I’ll have to wikepedia her.

Actually, I think the only real intellectual may be the Winder…but I think she may also be a runner…..short distance runner…so she’s only smart is short bursts!

Winder said...

Well Vera -- I am not sure whether to be honored or insulted by the short burst comment. Wait what short burst comment...

The McMillans said...

I am in fact an intellectual, if that is you believe that people who study the human throat, otherwise known as the Lyrnyx, the diaphram, and intercostal muscles of the ribcage, then yes I am an intellectual. If I am asked to think about whether running is considered vulgar I say...well, I guess that depends who is running. And then I am not an intellectual, or rather, think it's a no brainer. After hearing some conversations by a very colorful human who ran with a said human being...then, yes that runner is vulgar, but all? Lets spread peace and love, and stop the stereo types right here. Hail all those non keep Forest run!!!

kareh_family said...

I hear long-distance runners pee on themselves. I don't know if that's true or not, but that COULD be considered "devoid of refinement" in certain circles! =)

I don't know if running could be considered only right wing. Wouldn't you just go in circles? =)