Monday, July 16, 2007

To Quit Or Not To Quit


That is the question.

To make a long story short, my so-called ideal stay at home mom job isn’t so ideal. Sure it’s flexible, but there are some hefty requirements. I must provide my own computer (I’d have one anyway so maybe this isn’t such a big deal), I must provide my own internet connection (again, I’d have it anyway – how else would I blog? The Library? I don’t think so). In addition, they are paying me less than ½ of what I’m worth? Worth, however, is in the eye of the beholder, subjective, a matter of perspective, etc, so maybe we should scratch that one. Anyway, there are many annoyances right now. Too many to list because then it would cease to be funny and that is not what this blog is about, right? For crying out loud, I’m doing taxes in the basement with my own resources!

The most annoying of requirements is the fact that I must have a static IP address. You might not think this is so annoying but it is. First of all, it will cost an extra $220 a month (I made that number up because of the highly emotional nature in which I am living in). Second, it’s just asinine to ask an employee who does taxes for the likes of Robert Plant, Syd Vicious and Peter Gabriel (to name a few) to provide these services without the employer having to provide me with anything short of law mandated social security. As noted in previous posts, the tax returns I do for the above mentioned clients are FICTIONAL so please relax and know that I am not famous (or do taxes for the famous or the famously dead – although I have had my picture taken with two of the Dandy Warhols and Brandi Carlile - and oh look here's the photo with the Dandies. Where did that come from?)

And back to the static IP address thing. For security reasons, they won’t let anyone authenticate to their servers unless the IP address of the machine logging in is in their list of approved IP addresses. I have been able to get around this by leaving my modem on forever and ever. As long as the modem has power, it has the same IP address. However, within the last couple of weeks, the folks at qwest have thrown a fast one at me. After a few days of testing, I can conclude that qwest is TAKING BACK MY IP ADDRESS AND GIVING IT TO SOMEONE ELSE after a period of inactivity. So now, I have a few hours to work, I attempt to log in to the employer’s web site and receive an access denied message so harsh it feels as if I’ve graduated from a low budget hacker college. I’ve paid a babysitter to work and I can’t work. Lame!

So the process goes like this: I find someone who is logged on and I send them the “my IP address changed again” message. Then they say okay, what it is. And I tell them the new address and then it takes 12 to 24 hours for the dang data center to replicate the change. Is there another word for lame that I can use here? Let’s see: faulty, flimsy, inadequate, gimpy, insufficient, feeble, broken, askew, bent. Have you had enough? How about dunce!

I called the Winder. She told me to make a list of pros and cons. There she goes again with her intellectual logic. I should really take her advice on this one. But before I do, I'd like to wallow a while longer in the above mentioned emotional nature. It’s kind of cozy here.


Stu Pidasso said...

I realize that with the 2 little darlings you have helping you around the house, your perspective gets a little cloudy. Kinda like sitting inside of the Subaru with snot and zots smeared all over the windows. You can still see out, but your vision is impaired which causes your brain to not focus on the pressing matters,(should I burn through that yellow light or slam on the breaks and test out the child restraint seats), it focuses on wondering which one of the little angles wiped their nose on the windshield right in your sight line.
With tha tbeing said, let me shed a pinprick of light on yoru delima.
As far as your concern over the static adress, you should try some Cling Free. My domestic goddess swears by it. Or maybe she is just swearing. Maybe I can also help with your list of pros and cons.
Pros Cons
Tiger Woods Jeffrey Dahmer
Mario Andretti John Wayne Gacey
Jenna Jamison Pee Wee Herman
Vera (drinking) O J (oughta be)
Gotta go. Someone is at the door selling something.

Mandee said...

All the technical is way over my head. But I am jealous that you have a "work from home" job. And often wish I could enjoy some sense of monetary worth while doing laundry and changing poopy diapers.

rabidrunner said...

So... are you saying that I could get a static cling dryer sheet, write on it, then attach it to my computer with a USB 2.0 cable?

More Pros and Cons:
George Hincapie - Martha Stewart
Alexandre Vinokourov - Lewis "Scooter" Libby
David Zabriskie - Paris Hilton
Robbie McEwan - Kenneth Lay
Levi Leipheimer - Roman Polanski

Vera said...

I’m sitting at my desk engaged in the oldest profession (sales) and decide to see what words of wisdom the runner who’s rabid has. Some folks didn’t know I was a domestic goddess (thanks Stu, but it’s still hot dog gravy for dinner tonight), but most of you do know that I have issues with “P”. So, I’m reading along and the entire blog goes on and on about IPee….do you have any idea what that does to someone like me? I P, that’s what I do…that’s who I am!! Please don’t talk about something so important to me,,,,,something that rules my life like it’s a bad thing, something to be hated!

That is all

Winder said...

I would like to make a list of pros cons. Too bad for me, I am not on one of my short bursts of intelligence. Good thing I was having one earlier!

rabidrunner said...

Vera - here's the definition of Static - /ˈstætɪk/ [stat-ik]
–adjective Also, stat•i•cal. 1. pertaining to or characterized by a fixed or stationary condition.

To further illuminate my frustration on this matter, I would like to compare my static IP address to a possible static IPEE problem for you. Image your tiny bladder could only relieve itself in ONE place. Let's say you were out of town (like say, Spanish Fork), and nature begins to call. At this point, you would need to find the person who controls the Vera PEE database and have them change the location of your output. After you find said person, you would then need to wait 6, 12, 24 hours for the change to make it to the data server at the Spanish Fork gas station in which you requested. When you returned home or made it to Payson, you'd need to follow the same procedures.

I realize the use of the word "pee" has a waterfall/water dribbling effect on you... in it’s true form (PEE) or a phonetically similar form (IP, Pea, Peanut, Pizza, Pinnacle, People). For this reason, I'll try not to repeat it too many times.

The McMillans said...

can you take a week off and really think about the pros and Cons? Sometimes a break can really clear your mind, and even better getting away for a few days...maybe you need a real break from everything. While you are on your break, Can you then call around and see if you could even replace your income? And if so would the situation be worse or better? Sometimes the best way to find out if your job is good, is to look at the Job market at the present time. There really might be something better out there...and maybe it would be worse, you never know unless you look! Hang in there...I feel for you!

Stu Pidasso said...

The prospect of relocating Vera's output is an interesting mental picture. I would like to be involved with the new location decision making process. I have some ideas.

Vera said...

Do dumpsters have USB2.0 connections? WIFI?

rabidrunner said...

Garbage is pretty low budget so I'd assume that they're using ARCnet... complete with T connectors and hubs. If you're lucky, you might find one with ARCnet plus (it's faster).

The McMillans said...

A dumpster or an outhouse...and perhaps you could have it wired for dish network so you never missed the office or desperate housewives. And then if you need to let go of any un sightly smells or urin you would be exactly where you need to be. Perhaps this is ideal for you and Vera, a possible retirement rendevous. I am not sure using ARCnet would be appropriate, you wouldn't need things to be any faster sitting pretty in that joint. And T connecters sound dangerous with so many important orifice's so vulnerable by mere location.

Vera said...

I think the appropriate connections for me would be CAN to CAN connections (all puns intended), but there tends to be alot of static! Especially if I'm using the CAN to hold my output.