Thursday, June 21, 2007

Photoshop 101

Here's my first attempt at doing something useful in photoshop.




Mandee said...

Where in the world did you see her? I love her!

rabidrunner said...

She came to my house for dinner. We spoke of breathing techniques and the importance of women's lib. Kidding! She came to the Red Butte Gardens with the Indigo Girls.

Mandee said...

Sad I missed that. I bet it was a good night.

Vera said...

2 Things--Who the hell is Brandi Carlile and if she were a true friend, she would have sucked the stain out of your sweater!!! (Sounds bad doesn't it)

rabidrunner said...

She's not a true friend. Frankly I don't care if I have ice cream drizzle on my blouse when I'm amongst my true friends.

You know, that ice cream was so good that I should have sucked the stain so as to enjoy the ice cream longer.

Maybe someone nice and oh so special will gift some of her stuff to you.

Vera said...

I refuse to admit that I liked the gift and torture myself with it often.