Wednesday, June 27, 2007



Every once in a while I feel as if I’m trapped. I feel as if I’m in a cave and I get ever so frustrated. I feel as if that behemothic wrinkle between my furrowed brow is about to crack (Botox would fix that! Spouse?) Today however, I woke up with the giant rain cloud and realized that I’m going to blow that giant cloud with the enthusiasm of all the choices I get to make. Are you ready?

Should I forget I have plantar fasciitis or do my stretches? Better do my stretches. It might be contagious and we don’t need four of us around here with screaming heels.

It’s 7:00am, the kids went to bed at 11:30, should I shower now or should I go mess with some photos and surf for lenses? Mess with some photos and surf for lenses.

Spouse came down to my make-believe photo lab and should I send him away or ask him to get his nifty tripod? Go get the tripod.

Should I forget I have plantar fasciitis or do my stretches? Better do my stretches. Not running has turned my attitude into a bathtub drain (although music and Flash Gordon and shoes and xanax are all plugs...)

Kids are awake, should I prepare breakfast now or wait until they completely melt from low blood sugar? Wait for them to melt.

Should I water the flowers first or clean the kitchen? Water the flowers and let the ADD kick in so as you forget the kitchen needs to be cleaned.

Should I forget I have plantar fasciitis or do my stretches? Better do my stretches. It’ll give me the chance to philosophize the importance of rounded corners in home construction.

Should I yell at the kids to finish their jobs or should I patiently wait for them to fail and issue an appropriate consequence? Yell at the kids.

Should we go to the pool and loose child #1’s goggles or should we stay home and watch the paint peel? Go to the pool and loose the goggles.

Should I forget I have plantar fasciitis or do my stretches? Better do my stretches. There’s a marathon in October!

Should I go back to the photo lab/office and work or should I blog? Blog.

So many choices… let’s hear about yours!


Mandee said...

My choices...should I spank my kids right now (at 10am?) or wait and beat the crap out of them once they've wrecked the ENTIRE house (by 2pm).
Don't call DCFS, cause I'm kidding.

The choices that I am struggling with right now mostly have to do with food. Tuna fish sandwiches or mac & cheese for dinner? Do I have a skinny cow at 10pm, or should I stick to my "no food past 6pm" rule. Should I feed my kids chicken nuggets for lunch, or let them snack on otter pops all day long. It's so hard!

Vera said...

Sorry SAHM’s, but my choices are no-brainers (which is good at my age and diminished metal capacity).

-Should I get up and work out, or wait for Stu to deliver the coffee to my bedside..
-Should I shower and do my hair or just wear a ball cap to work..
-Should I work harder during the day or bask in the afterglow of the easiest job in the world (I’m sure I’m over-paid)…
-Should I be bummed when Amazon isn’t on my doorstep every day, or delight in wondering if it will come tomorrow
-Should I work out when I get home or surf for music..
-Should I have “A” cocktail while I’m surfing or wait until dinner..
-Should I make dinner or just give Stu beer and chips every night so I can surf music
-Should I pretend to surf porn so Stu doesn’t know how long I spend surfing music..(I’m ruled by Secrecy).
-I should probably count my shoes,,,looks like I’m getting low…
******8:45 pm Be right back*********
-Ok, Stu is asleep…now I can put headphones on and really get into surfing!

Tomorrow I will start the same dull routine, but I will have to vaccum up the pug hair before I surf…..And I should think about what I’m going to take on vacation…What a hassle!

Mandee said...

Oh, and Botox is worth every penny!

The McMillans said...

My day begins with an ultimatum rather than a choice, feed the kids now or pay the consequence later. Then the choices begin, do I feed the suckling warrior first or the running delusional toddler. Do I squeeze something for me to eat in there or just make a protein shake and eat lunch later. Do I run on the treadmill, or do I go to a class. Do I drink an entire pot of coffee, or just half a pot. Do I start the day with an activity or numb the child in front of the TV while I do something that is nagging at me. Do I drive to the pool, or fill the one up in our back yard. Do I make something in the crockpot, or do we grill when the husband comes home. During nap time there seems to be less choices, more like have to's but I guess I am fine with it. Since I am an SAHM, and wouldn't have any choices the other way around.