Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Albums Review


As mentioned earlier, Amazon came to my house! Nothing makes a day better. Here’s a review of what they sent me.

Dimitri From Paris – Sacrebleu
Mostly instrumental, jazz infused, French disco with a twist of 70’s lounge (wow! I am really good at this. Someone should send my blog to Rolling Stone). Perfect for vacuuming in my June Cleaver apron. Must hear: Sacra Francais, Une Very Stylish Fille, Par Un Chemin Different.

Tori Amos – American Doll Posse
Typical Tori – Lots of Pie-Anno and random lyrics that make sense only to true Toriphiles. Must hear: Big Wheel,You Can Bring Your Dog, Girl Disappearing, Father’s Son

James – Pleased To Meet You
Eighties Brit punk/pop that has matured. Layered sounds and upbeat drumming make most of this album worthy of running to! Must hear: Falling Down, English Beefcake, Getting Away With It (all messed up).

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