Sunday, April 08, 2007



We woke up yesterday and we were all like “we should do something that’s like you know fun”. So like we decided to go skiing or something. We tried to get ready and I’m all “where’s your shoes” and the 5-year-old’s all “I don’t know”. So I’m all “go find them” and he’s all “I can’t find them” and I’m all “where did you take them off” and he’s all “in my room” and I’m all “no you didn’t because they’re like not it there now!” So we looked for them everywhere and they were like totally gone and he had to wear his sandals. Then we went to Park City for some sun and skiing and we were there like 3 hours and like the 3 year old was so into it and he like wanted to keep going faster. It was like so much fun we were like “whoa”. We were getting on the lift and like I looked over the edge of the like gate thing that keeps people inside the chairlift gates and I was all “Hi Dad” and then we hurried onto the lift and a little later, we were skiing and like totally ran into him again! Our buttses were like so stiff and like so sore from like snowplowing with the little guy that we couldn’t handle it any more and had to like stop for food. I went to this awesome place in St. George when I was there for the marathon and I like eat there every time now when I like go down there. They said they were opening a joint in Taylorsville and like I couldn’t remember the name so I called information and I was all “do you have some place with a name like “parrot”? And they were all “yeah the name is like the ‘Parrothead’ and here’s the number.” And I was all excited because I thought that I would like be SOL for this restaurant. So I called the number and said, so are you like somewhere near me? And they were like yeah, we’re on the corner of 45th South and like 800 west. So I’m all, the food is so good and I’m all “let’s go.”

Yesterday we decided to go skiing. The 5 year old couldn’t find his shoes and had to wear sandals. We skied 3 hours in the sun at Park City. The 3 year old wanted to go faster. It was fun and we said “whoa”. We saw my dad near the lift and while skiing. Snowplowing made our buttses sore. We were hungry. I wanted to eat at a restaurant with the name “Parrot”. I called information and they directed me to the “Parrothead” at 815 West 45th South. I was relieved. The food there is so good. I said “Let’s go.”


Stu Pidasso said...

So like if you totally knew this guy that like was a dick but like was also some kind of like English royalty and like he got a totally radical cut on his head, would that be like a Sirconcision?

rabidrunner said...

Actually... "SirConcision" is a Royal English Dude who uses economy in writing and speaking which is achieved by expressing a great deal in just a few words.

Or it could be a drunk telling someone that their concision is not propor... "sirconcision sis naught prauper!" or telling someone that their concision has become infected... "sirconcision un yur head as' b'come eenfected". The possibilities are endless.

Mandee said...

I am so glad you blog! It makes my day so much better.

The McMillans said...

I chose not to sirComsize my children.