Sunday, March 04, 2007



I was rummaging through some junk the other day and happened upon an E-Love-Mail. For those of you who are confused, an E-Love-Mail is a love note sent via e-mail… not to be confused with an E-Argue-Mail. This is where Spouse leaves the house for work after doing something terrible (like crumbs on the counter or heaven forbid left the toilet seat up!) and I march down to my favorite communicating device and fire off a nasty let’s fight e-mail. I don’t usually hold back. This tends to occur during a certain time of the lunar phase known as “Look Out She’s Morphed Into the PMS Avenger.” The date of this E-Love-Mail was 3/16/01.

I’m not going to embarrass Spouse by going into the details of this E-Love-Mail. There was one comment that produced a giant belly laugh... Are you ready for this? He said “I like your forthrightness.” Hah! After seven years of marriage, two boys and who knows HOW many E-Argue-Mails, I wonder how much he likes my forthrightness now!


Stu Pidasso said...

I can't believe he has acknowledged your rightness only four times.

rabidrunner said...

Yeah... should have been allthetimerightness.

Mandee said...

I am really good at writing the e-argue-mail, although when I am REALLY angry, I open IM and go at it. I like a good fight over IM. I like your forthrightness, too.