Tuesday, March 06, 2007



I think I have Pes Anserine Bursa. Sounds bad doesn’t it. And what is meant by “Dividing Canaan”? What’s the symbolism behind the “Crocodile Rock?” Or maybe Elton John doesn’t do symbolism because he’d be too deep to wear those fruity outfits. Too bad I can’t borrow one of those. And why must I endure 8 minutes 13 seconds of silence before I can hear the “bonus track”? Doesn’t sound like much of a bonus to me. That’s 8 minutes 13 seconds that I could spend doing something valuable like writing my name on my underwear, a task that cannot be achieved in silence. Do question marks go inside or outside of quotes? Speaking of time, did anyone feel robbed in that I’ve been used and thrown out sort of way when they watched Superman Returns? That’s 2 hours 34 minutes that I could spend writing my name on other items of clothing. Or reviewing the nifty features on my new GPS that doubles as a mileage tracker and portal to the Power Ranger world (yet another robbing form of entertainment). That would make a great list. “Movies That Left Me Feeling Robbed.” We should start it now. Please comment.

I guess the diagnosis is “scatter brained” or “tends to think in an erratic pinball machine method.” I’m used to that.


Vera said...
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Vera said...

Pes Anserine Bursa—a form of bursitis with is an inflammatory condition ie: a “burr” which is a raised edge that cuts you. A knife has an edge that cuts you, like the one that cut me at work and required me to get 8 stitches 4 days before a motorcycle trip.--Humm, "I don't want a pickle" OK, Back to the list -
Movies that left me feeling robbed

Monty Python Life of Brian-watched it 38 times in 2 months when I should have been writing in my underwear

Big Lebowski –still continues to rob me "of time" looking for opportunities to say “That really tied the room together” and “I’ve got a beverage here’ (which is another topic of discussion-“things that drunks say”)

Any movie that has Tom Cruise-MAN I hate that guy.