Tuesday, February 06, 2007

General Grumblings

February 6, 2007

I created this blog as an effort to channel my frustrations or thoughts into something light and frothy (like lemon meringue pie - yum!). The heavy stuff has been reserved for the Petulant Ninny at (http://www.petulantninny.blogspot.com/).

I just can't take it any longer. I must grumble. And do I have a list today! It's so large it will require bullets (the outline style not the other kind).

  • I'm being blamed for the IRS's short commings (or shall I say their premature short comings.)
  • I've been trying to take a day off for a week. (A day off from the job in which I receive a minute amount of money, the other MOM job provides an even minuter amount of money, but OH the blessings, the joys; you can't put a dollar sign on those!)
  • Did the taxes the other night. Haven't recovered. Is it possible that it costs THAT much for ONE family to live in the US? (Yeah, tax the rich. I’m so rich I can’t even afford to go on vacation to Scipio (pronounced skip-e-oh). Do they have a hotel there or is it camping? The lake might not be too bad though - I better wait a couple months.)
  • Sinus Headache
  • I’ve heard AIR-IC NO! 400 times more than I can tolerate.
  • The itunes shuffle is picking Stevie Ray Vaughn too much (might be time for him to go on vacation but not a permanent one like the one he’s on now - he might just have to be sent back to CD land through my magic portal).
  • Which reminds me that I wish Randy Rhodes was alive.
  • No one teaches Guitar Hero lessons.
  • It cost me $11,000 to work last year – and that doesn’t include babysitting (I just can't shake the tax thing).
  • My back’s in good shape, but there’s NO SNOW!
  • It hurts my feelings when people talk to me in all caps. Don't yell at me! Or shall I say DON'T YELL AT ME! Do you see the difference? That keyboard button with the up arrow changes everything. Maybe I should start referring to uperrcase as "upping your letters."
  • My dad doesn't visit anymore (and this is my passive aggressive attempt to get him over here. I can nonchalantly mail him the ol' blog url).
  • I must go upstairs and sort socks.

But on the brighter side... the Halls cough drop bag is full of dark chocolate M&Ms. Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone.

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