Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Exciting Day

January 29, 2007

On Monday, the 29th day of January, I drove home from my sub-sane temperature and polluted run (yes, I DRIVE to run, just like you drive around for 5 minutes until you find the best parking spot at the gym. Admit it, you know you do). So I'm about 50 yards from my house when I happened to notice the odometer (something I do rarely):

Nifty huh? I was so excited I drove slowly to the garage so that I could take a picture of it. Driving slowly will keep the odometer from advancing. I figure that if I slow down, I can keep the mileage down on my car.

I realized later that I had missed 101010. Taking a picture of THAT would impress all of my bit head friends.

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Winder said...

You have now inspired me to watch my odometer. As we pulled in from church we noticed 33333 on ours. I took a quick picture and I will have Dondie share our fun photo with you.