Monday, November 06, 2006

Bright red Pig Eyes get people excited.

November 6, 2006

I went to a concert the other night. One might refer to it as "The Great Big Gig In The Sky." It was a fine gathering of all walks of lives and ages, "Any Colour You Like". I believe everything "In The Flesh" could be seen and smelt at this concert... even pajama pants with strange tirangles and light prisms (wow, "Two Suns In The Sunset").

About 75% of the way through (an exact measurement, I'm sure), a giant blackish/grayish pig was inflated. The crowd went nuts. Then about 82% of the way through this specific song (you can guess it), the "Paranoid Eyes" of the pig lit up. At this point the crowd went bananas. It felt like "San Tropez" during a liquor infused anual celebration.

Did I miss something? Electricity and special effects have been around a while. It truly is "Us and Them."

I was sitting next to my friend. We'll call her "Vera." I think she shared the same sentiment. Or maybe not....

10 Things To Do in Lowell, MA

November 6, 2006

1) Fake your own gay wedding.
2) Visit the cemetery (might find a witch or two)
3) Make your own "Mit for President signs" and march around your hotel
4) See how much tea you can drink in a two hour period then
5) See how long you can go without taking a leak
6) Compose poetry complete with fog-and-flowers metaphors
7) Pahrk yahr cahr in the Hahrvahrd Gahrahdge
8) Hunt for good-ole Will
9) Knit yourself a blackberry cozy
10) Get a pedicure. Them pigs of your'n is atrocious.