Thursday, December 28, 2006

Politics and Beauty Pageants

December 28, 2006

It has been brought to my attention that beauty pageants and politics are basically the same thing. Well… not really. But the real coincidence lies in the fact that politicians and beauty queens are the same. Here’s why:

  • Looking good is the only thing required to win.
  • Power and money are their main aspirations.
  • They both require sponsorship in order to make money.
  • In a sense they aren’t offering any good or service. “Just give me money for being ME!”
  • When asked critical questions, their responses are flowered with large words and metaphors that don’t mean crap.
  • Most of them have that dumb southern draaaawl.
  • Their careers are not hindered by controversy - in fact their careers are strengthened by controversy.
  • They both have mastered the art of telling you what they think you want to hear, not what they think. Do they think?

Anyway, I’m probably just jealous cause I don’t have big tits or interns of my own.


SharonSivad said...

I would agree with most comments you made regarding this subject. However, "the dumb southern drawl" . . .

Are all southerners dumb?
Are all southerners with heave drawls or accents dumb?

Throughout the US are persons with some type of dialect. If their dialect or southern drawl is different from yours, does that automatically make them dumb?

rabidrunner said...

The English language uses an adjective to describe a noun. In this case the noun is "southern drawl" and the adjective is "dumb." Therefore the southern drawl is dumb. The word "southerners" was never used. Draw your own conclusion. By the way, this is just my dumb opionion. Nothing more.

Vera said...

Are southerns really dumb? It is the drawl/accent that makes them dumb? Let's examine 2 really great southerns...Jessica Simpson and Larry the Cable Guy....Both talk with a southern style accent and both are kinda dumb. BUT...both have something in common that may explain the bigger reason they are dumb. Both have big tits and interns!!!!