Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'm a Purist for Impurity

December 6, 2006

I've decided that if you are going to broadcast your cause on national television, you'd better be pure in said cause. What do I mean by this, you ask? (As if I'm not used to being questioned!) It's simple, really. If you are going to announce that your current cause is the extortion of the diamond trade, you'd better not have purchased any diamonds, or borrowed any diamonds, or had them put in your teeth. You can't buy diamonds for anyone else either.

My cause is to be a Purist for Impurity. That way I can say what I want and know that no one can call me on anything because I’m Impure in my Purist Cause and therefore I’m a Purist. It’s the ultimate back door escape for any soap box argument.

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meg said...

I'm not a freak. I'm not obsessed. I don't want to sleep with you. I am just stuck at my computer for a while and needed something to read. So through the foaming archives I go.

I certainly hope the following reference isn't lost on you, but this reminded me of Pirates of the Caribeean when Johnny Depp's Captain Jack says that he's dishonest. "And you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you have to watch out for."